VOLO Cloud-based access control is a cutting-edge solution revolutionising the way organisations manage and secure their facilities. Unlike traditional access control systems that rely on on-premise hardware and manual processes, VOLO leverages the power of the cloud to offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability and efficiency. By centralising access management in the cloud, VOLO enables administrators to conveniently monitor and control access to buildings, rooms, and resources from any location with internet connectivity.

This innovative technology eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investments and tedious maintenance tasks, while also providing enhanced security features such as real-time monitoring, activity tracking, and remote access capabilities.



Where to buy VOLO access control in the UK

CIE is a UK distributor for VOLO cloud based access control.

What is VOLO cloud access control?

VOLO provides a new way of delivering access control solutions. Through the integration of Cloud Hosting and GSM/GPRS connectivity, you gain access to a robust and adaptable system that enables the delivery of proactive solutions. This not only decreases installation times and hardware expenses but also provides increased flexibility, scalability, and enhanced service delivery for your clients.

Hosted software is ideal for projects that require centralised configuration and management of numerous customers, sites, doors, and users. With the ability to manage and administer sites from any smart device or PC worldwide, you can enjoy seamless control and accessibility.

Traditional vs Volo SystemWhat are the advantages of VOLO?

Reduced Hardware Investment

No need for a dedicated PC station on site or dedicated network.


Allows simple and virtually unlimited scalability to offer a solution from 1 door to 10,000 sites with up to 100,000 users.


VOLO can be configured on either a LAN or via GSM/GPRS to offer you the greatest flexibility. All SIMs are roaming SIMs to ensure that you have the best available connection at all times.

System Maintenance

The hosting software is automatically updated to ensure the latest features and benefits are operational. Thanks to system notification messaging you will always know the status of your systems. This means you can deliver a truly proactive service 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

System Management

System programming, adding and deleting users and changing access rights/times can all be done via the web browser from anywhere in the world.

System Reporting

VOLO has a powerful automated reporting tool for facilities such as time and attendance, system misuse and historical usage patterns etc.

Licensed-Based Hosting

Fixed transparent license fees allow you to plan a clear and effective cost plan with no hidden costs to the end users.

System Resilience

VOLO cloud hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services, which ensures that the system is fully backed up, offers full business continuity plans and guarantees that all data is secure.

Open Protocol Controllers

VOLO controllers are based on an open platform to allow integration with the majority of access control readers. This means that VOLO can also be applied to system upgrades as existing readers and existing credentials can be retained.

What makes up a VOLO solution?

VOLO solution

VOLO consists of three parts:

1. Access Control Units (ACUs):

Provide the hardware interface for each site or premises, facilitating the implementation and management of access control functionalities.

2. VOLO Cloud:

Enables installers and end-users to access and log in from any standard web browser, including smartphones, tablets, or PCs. This platform provides the capability to configure, administer, and manage the access control solution remotely.

3. VOLO Licences:

Facilitate continuous connectivity and access to the Access Control Units. This connectivity can be established through either an Ethernet or GSM/GPRS connection, ensuring ongoing and reliable communication within the system.

VOLO Performance Highlights

Powerful Scalability:

  • Capability to scale seamlessly from managing access for a single door to overseeing operations across over 10,000 sites and accommodating up to 100,000 users.

No Local PC Required:

  • Eliminates the need for a local PC on-site, resulting in space savings and a reduction in maintenance risks and hardware investments.

Mobile GPRS Connectivity:

  • Enables connectivity through Mobile GPRS for sites without a convenient LAN or internet connection.

Multi-Access Levels:

  • Offers 256 access levels, providing integrators and end-users with extensive multi-user access rights for site and system programming privileges.

Access From Anywhere:

  • Accessibility from any location via supported browser devices, including smartphones and netbooks, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

License-Based Hosting:

  • Adopts a license-based hosting model that scales proportionately with the number of sites, expanding only as the system requirements grow.

Powerful Reporting:

  • Robust reporting capabilities, including options for exporting to Excel and scheduling timed reports, enhancing the system's analytical and monitoring capabilities.

Who currently uses VOLO?

Nottingham City CouncilYodelSt John AmbulanceWigan and Leigh Homes

Need help with an upcoming project using VOLO?

CIE's security experts offer a wide range of added-value services above and beyond the expectations of many other distributors including; System Design, Product Specification, Wiring Diagrams, Rack Design & Build, System Configuration, Training and Onsite/Remote System Support.

Our customers can access any or all of these services - many of which are totally free-of-charge - on a project by project basis; benefitting from increased skill levels, specialists in new technologies & integration or simply to increase your resource for pre- and -post sales support.

We also have a VOLO FAQ's page which may help answer any initial questions you have.

Download the latest VOLO brochure

VOLO Brochure 2023

Where to buy VOLO in the UK

If you would like to discuss your next Access Control / IP Intercom system or would like more information on the latest VOLO solution, please call our team today on: 0115 9770075 or email us now: [email protected].

Featured Products:

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