What is AVIXA CTS Certification?

CIE's latest I.P. Academies are now AVIXA CTS RU accredited, but what does this actually mean?

What is AVIXA?Avixa CTS RU Provider

AVIXA is the Audiovisual & Integrated Experience Association (previously known as Infocomm), the producer of InfoComm trade shows around the globe, co-owner of  the world's largest AV show Integrated Systems Europe, and the international trade association representing the professional Audio Visual industry.

With more than 5,400 members from more than 80 countries, AVIXA members create integrated AV experiences that deliver outcomes. 

What is the AVIXA CTS Certification program?

The AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification program is recognised worldwide as the leading professional AV specialist credential. It is a recognition program for achieving a basic level of audiovisual technical knowledge.

Currently there are three types of AVIXA CTS points you can obtain:

CTS – Certified Technology Specialist = performs general technology solution tasks.
CTS-D - Certified Technology Specialist in Design = AV system designer.
CTS-I - Certified Technology Specialist in Installation = Installs and maintains AV Systems.

Avixa CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I

Why do I need CTS RU points?

CTS is a highly valued certification worldwide. By having this certification it shows you have a level of knowledge that in return gives confidence to customers.

Putting employees through education and training is an investment for any business – it also motivates employees to be the best they can be in their chosen field of expertise. This knowledge and qualification gives confidence for employees and the chance to achieve more in their careers.

How do I obtain CTS RU points?

If an individual attends and completes an AVIXA accredited training course, in person or online course, they can accumulate AVIXA CTS renewal points.

Do I need to show evidence of any courses attended which are not taught at CEDIA events?

Yes, you must obtain a copy of course completion e.g. a certificate of completion or education transcript.

How do I claim my CTS RU points?

To retain a CTS qualification, members have to gain renewal RU points by attending/taking any AVIXA approved Virtual classroom, in person or online courses. From this you can earn certification renewal units by sending a copy of the completion to AVIXA.

AVIXA-Accredited FREE training academies available from CIE:

I.P. Intercoms Essentials - 2.5 CTS, 2.5 CTS-I, 2.5 CTS-D Points

Audio-over-IP Essentials - 2.5 CTS, 2.5 CTS-I, 2.5 CTS-D Points

Lockdown Security Systems - 1.5 CTS, 1.5 CTS-I, 1.5 CTS-D Point

Hearing Induction Loops - 1.5 CTS, 1.5 CTS-I, 1.5 CTS-D Point

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