What is CEDIA Certification?

CIE's latest I.P. Academies are now CEDIA Certified, but what does CEDIA Certified actually mean?

What is CEDIA?

CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) is the international trade association representing the professional home automation/smart home technology industry. 

With over 3,700 members internationally, CEDIA promotes ever-imporving professionalism and quality of products/service/technology within every face and of an automated home.

What is CEDIA Education?

The CEDIA Education Programme is recognised as a standard of quality for installers and system integrators in the home technology market.

CEDIA-Certified Professional have made a significant investment of their time to attend ongoing high quality training courses - delivered by the CEDIA Training Providers such as CIE - in the best practice system design, installation, integration and the latest home automation and AV technologies.

Currently there are three CEDIA Certification exams:

ESC-T - The baseline technical certification for the industry (formerly EST-2).

ESC-D - A designer certification for experienced integrated system designers.

ESC-N - A residential networking specialist certification for experience home networking technicians.

In the fast developing world of technology, audio visual and home automation professionals must constantly update their skills to keep up with this growing industry - whether it is learning to speak IP, dealing with the contractual issues on larger projects, or managing cash flow in an expanding market. CEDIA education will help delegates achieve this.

What are CEU Points?

CEU (Continuing Education Units) points are accumulated by CEDIA-accredited installers based on the number of CEU-approved training they attend. The numerical value of a CEU point is calculated by the length and content of the training course.

Why do I need CEU Points?

Each CEDIA Certified member is required to accumulate a minimum of 30 CEU points over a 3 year period in order to maintain their CEDIA Certified status.

How do I obtain CEU points?

If an individual attends a CEDIA approved training course CEU points are then awarded to them. CEDIA accredited training is provided through the Associations own training programme as well as through third party providers such as home automation and AV specialist manufacturers, designers and distributors such as CIE.

Do I need to show evidence of any courses attended which are not taught at CEDIA events?

Yes, ALL CEDIA Certified Professionals must obtain a copy of course completion e.g. a certificate of completion or education transcript.

How do I claim my CEU points?

To claim your CEU renewal points and to register them with CEDIA, go to the following link, log into your CEDIA account and complete the form: www.cedia.net/education/submitceu.

CEDIA-Accredited FREE training academies available from CIE:

I.P. Intercoms Essentials - 2.5 CEU Points

Video-over-IP Essentials - 3 CEU Points

Audio-over-IP Essentials - 2.5 CEU Points

Lockdown Security Systems - 1 CEU Point

Hearing Induction Loops - 1 CEU Point

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