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Brought to you by CIE AV Solutions, HowToAV.tv is the one-of-a-kind online training channel for AV professionals, providing free educational videocasts on the latest audio visual technologies, techniques and installation tips from our team of AV experts and independent industry thought leaders & consultants.

Keeping it short

What is an HDCP error? HowToAVHowToAV understands that we are all busy people and investing time in training courses is not always possible. So we've developed a channel of training videos with an eye on keeping it short and to the point! Online video viewing habits are very different to how we consume television or face-to-face training, so we're focussed on delivering the clearest and most concise answers possible.

Interactive training content

How far will HDMI transmit? HowToAVWe like to keep the channel fresh, so HowToAV.tv is interactive. AV professionals, AV users and channel viewers are encouraged to submit training theme requests and technical queries via the video Comments section and our AV experts will always provide an answer. And these Q&As will often provide the subject for our very next video.


What kind of training is available?

Understanding 4k UHD videoWe cover a whole range of technology subjects, from HDMI and HDBaseT, HDCP and EDID, the latest in High Dynamic Range and Bio-Adaptive Lighting, to specialist audio subjects such as 100v line, microphone feedback avoidance and Soundfield, to the latest connectivity technologies such as USB3.1 and NFC.

Free, unbiased and no sales-pitch!

CIE and our HowToAV experts know that AV technology moves on fast and so to ensure that great products and great systems are successful, training is absolutely essential for everyone involved. So our HowToAV channel is free to everyone and guarantees totally unbiased information and training from the AV industry's best technology experts and without the hidden sales pitch!

Present or suggest your subject for the next HowToAV video...

HowToAV is presented by industry experts and thought leaders from every corner of the AV industry; engineers, consultants, trainers, manufacturers and journalists. If you have an idea for some great new AV technology content and would like to present it, write it or simply ask a question for us to produce the answer, then we'd love to hear from you!
Join us in our Nottingham-based studio, or we can bring the cameras to you! Email us now at [email protected] with your subject ideas or questions and we'll get back to you...

HowToAV Live Expert Panel

HowToAV Live! Expert Panel

HowToAV.tv also takes the cameras and it's team of experts to many of the AV industry's leading Expos and Events. If you would like our HowToAV Live! Expert Panel to present or comment as part of your event education seminars, then please contact [email protected]


The award-winning training channel for the AV industry

Within it's first year, CIE's HowToAV.tv had already won multiple awards for it's innovative approach to training and marketing. In 2016, our unique, free and unbiased training channel received acclaim from the AV industry's leading lights, winning AV Awards Editor's Choice, Installation Awards Marketing Team of the Year, Smart Building Training Initiative of the Year and AV News Marketing Professional of the Year.

AV Awards 2016 winner - HowToAVInstall Awards 2016 Winner - HowToAVSmart Building Award 2016 Winner - HowToAVAV News Award 2106 - HowToAV


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