Akuvox SmartPlus App for intercom smartphone integration

The Akuvox SmartPlus App allows your smartphone to be seamlessly integrated as part of your Door Intercom and Access Control system.

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Akuvox SmartPlus App integrates your smartphone with intercom and access control systems

Akuvox is one of the world's most innovative developers of smart IP Intercom systems for door entry and access control - and the Akuvox SmartPlus app ensures that any smart phone can be used as part of the system for remote monitoring, remote communication & door entry - as well as for access credentials and authentication.

Available for Android and iOS platforms, the SmartPlus app is compatible with all of the Akuvox range of IP intercoms when connected to Akuvox Cloud services.

Akuvox SmartPlus App intercom smartphone integration

All intercom endpoint devices on a connected intercom system (door intercoms, answering panels, IP phones, etc) can be accessed on the App. So, for instance, in the demo video we can see the Front Door Intercom, Rear Gate Intercom and the Living Room Panel are listed as individual end point devices which can be accessed from the smartphone.

Remote Intercom Call Answering and Door Unlocking

Akuvox Smart Plus provides fully-remote video call answering from your smartphone - so if someone visits your home or property while you're out - you can see and talk to the visitor, wherever you are in the world.
If you want to allow the visitor access to the building while you're not there, this can be done simply at the touch of a button.

Remote intercom monitoring from your smartphone

SmartPlus will also allow you to use any Akuvox Intercom devices featuring a camera for remote monitoring - and also for direct videocalls from smartphone to Akuvox device. For instance, you can videocall the family in the living room straight from your smart phone.

QR Code temporary virtual key supports contactless pathway for visitors, staff or customersGenerate PIN & QR Codes for temporary access authentication

In addition, for compatible Akuvox Intercom models (those featuring a keypad  or QR scanner) - the SmartPlus App can generate a unique temporary PIN Code or QR Code virtual key which can be sent to other smart phones to allow visitors limited time - or limited number of use - access. So, for instance, this is ideal for trade visitors to site, domestic staff or for deliveries, for example, in instances when you may want to allow them one-time-only access or access at an agreed time only.

Contactless Door Entry from your smartphone

And the SmartPlus App also supports contactless authentication methods including Bluetooth and NFC. So, for compatible Akuvox Intercoms, your smart phone can be used to provide convenient, touch-free door entry access credentials - ideal as part of a contactless pathway into the home or workplace in order to help prevent the transmission of viruses and germs.

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