Akuvox Vfone softphone App for SIP intercom smartphone integration

The Akuvox Vfone App allows your smartphone to be seamlessly integrated as a remote door answering device as part of your SIP Door Intercom system.

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Akuvox Vfone softphone App for SIP Door Intercom smartphone integration

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Akuvox Vfone App integrates your smartphone with IP door intercom systems

Akuvox Vfone is a softphone App which allows remote connection from your smartphone to SIP Door Intercoms for voice call and video call answering, live video monitoring and remote door unlocking.

The Akuvox Vfone App can be installed on most Android and iOS smartphones or tablets - allowing your devices to be used as remote door answering panels - from anywhere in the building or remotely - and providing the opportunity for significant hardware cost savings.

Akuvox SmartPlus App intercom smartphone integration


Any door intercom devices connected via a SIP PBX can be accessed on the Vfone App - allowing (as an example) the Main Gate, Front & Rear Doors and Internal Entrance to all be listed as individual end points which can be remotely accessed directly from resident/user smartphones or tablet devices.

Remote Door Intercom Call Answering

The Akuvox Vfone softphone App provides fully-remote voice and video call answering from SIP Door Intercom devices on the network, directly to your smartphone or tablet.
So if you're away from the desk - or away from the building - you can view and talk to visitors at the door, wherever you are in the world!

Akuvox Vfone softphone App for SIP Door Intercom connectivityRemote Live Video Preview

Vfone will allow remote access to the camera (where featured) and microphone of your SIP Door Intercom devices - providing anytime live monitoring of your property.

Remote Door Unlocking

Akuvox Vfone allows remote door unlocking via your connected SIP door intercoms; view and talk with visitors via the intercom and - if you're happy to let them in the building - simply press the App's 'Door Unlock' button to unlock the door, no matter where you are in the world.

Akuvox Vfone App features:

  • SIP Calling - Audio & Video Calls
  • Direct IP Calling - Audio & Video Calls
  • Unlocking - DTMF & HTTP
  • Live Viewing
  • SIP Message Management

Download Settings Manual for Akuvox Vfone App:

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Download Akuvox Vfone App settings manual

Download Akuvox Vfone App for free!

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What is a softphone app?

A softphone is a mobile / tablet software application which allows your mobile device to be used in place of your desktop phone. It can send and receive voice and video phone calls from any phone or tablet device which runs the software app.

Softphone Apps use a data connection - either wifi or 4G/5G mobile data - to connect to your SIP PBX, allowing users to make and receive audio and video calls  from their mobile device via the softphone app.

Using Akuvox Vfone, the softphone app will allow voice and video calls between SIP Door Intercoms and your smartphone, also allowing remote unlocking of doors at the press of a button on your phone app.

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