Facial Recognition provides 'touch-free' door access

Akuvox R29 smart IP intercoms provide 'hands-free' secure facial recognition authentication, creating a hygienic and safe solution to safeguard residents, workers and visitors.

Akuvox R29 Smart hands-free Intercom with contactless Face Recognition helps prevent spread of virus

The current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the ease with which viruses can transmit through the population and the immense challenges involved in halting their spread. But new ‘smart intercom’ technology is enabling architects and system integrators to offer hands-free access to apartment buildings and workplaces; creating a hygienic and safe solution to safeguard residents, workers and visitors.

Prevent COVD-19 spread by regulalrly washing handsIf there's anything the Coronavirus crisis has taught us, it's just how easily and quickly a new virus can spread - and just how important cleanliness and hygiene is in stopping viral transmission. It's been shown that viruses can live on surfaces outside of the body for nine days - and even up to 28 days at some temperatures! For this reason, we need to be aware of the surfaces that we’re coming into contact with - particularly in high-risk times like these and during seasonal epidemics.

Door intercoms and access systems can be a particularly high-traffic area of buildings and offer a huge potential for cross-contamination if they are used by people carrying an infection or virus. Once further entrants to the building have picked up the virus from the intercom on their hands, they can begin to spread it around the many other surfaces in the building, such as lift buttons, door handles and kitchen surfaces.

Akuvox R29 facial recognition authentication helps prevent spread of germs and viruses

Akuvox have created an innovative solution to this problem with their R29C Smart IP intercom, which allows users to gain access to a building without physically touching the intercom device.

We’ve become used to facial recognition software in smartphones - and Akuvox have made use of similar technology to create their highly secure contactless intercom with hands-free face recognition authentication. Anyone whose identity is recorded in the system’s database can simply stand in front of the device to automatically gain access through the door or gateway - with no need to press buttons, dial keypads or scroll through the phonebook.

FAkuvox R29C hands-free door intercom helps prevent virus spreador further contactless access options, the Akuvox R29 hands-free intercom range also offers additional authentication methods in the form of RFID - through access cards and keyfobs - and Bluetooth authentication through authorised smartphones.

Non-regular users, such as visitors and delivery companies can also make use of contactless authentication and access through the Smart Intercom’s QR code scanning. This feature allows a resident to generate a unique QR code using the Akuvox SmartPlus App and send it to the visitor - who can display the QR code from their own smartphone for temporary, time-controlled access.

It’s clear that technology such as this is a vital part of future-proofing new buildings to help combat the spread of viruses and infection - whether they be COVID-19 or regular seasonal bugs, colds and flu. The Akuvox R29 contactless Intercoms offer an important element of a COVID-secure contactless pathway to lessen the transmission of viruses, helping to keep residents, workers and visitors to a building safe and well.

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New Akuvox R29C-B intercom with body temperature measurement restricts potential virus and fever transmission

The latest addition to the Akuvox R29 Smart Intercom series - the R29C-B - is targetted squarely at the post- COVID-19 'new normal' to further reduce the spread of diseases and viruses such as coronavirus.

Together with all of the 'hands-free' authentication methods listed above, this latest version also features an integrated body temperature scanner. This allows for building access to restrict entry if a person's temperature is outside that of normal, healthy body temperature.




Supports COVID-19 Coronavirus PreventionFind out more about hands-free door intercoms to help prevent the spread of viruses

For more information on the R29C Smart IP Intercom with facial recognition, watch our demo video now or contact the CIE specification team today on T. 0115 9770075.


Types of touch-free intercom authentication

There are a number of touch-free / contact-free authentication methods available for intercoms and access control points to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Facial Recognition:

Hands-free Intercoms using facial recognition use an ‘always-on’ camera, meaning that a resident or visitor simply has to stand in front of the intercom and, without having to press any buttons, it will scan their face. If they are registered in the database, it will unlock the door/allow access without having to make any physical contact with the device. Face recognition intercom authentication uses dual-camera, anti-spoofing AI technology to prevent fake identification.

QR Code Reader:

Contactless Intercoms and Access Control points with QR Code Reader technology allow residents to generate unique QR codes via specific smart phone apps. Once a QR code has been generated, it can be sent to a visitor’s phone who can then display it at the intercom/access end point without having to touch the intercom device. QR code authentication is ideal for one-off or time-limited access for visitors, contractors or deliveries, for example.

Body Temperature Measurement:

WIth the increased focus on virus prevention due to the current COVID-19 pandemic - and the recommendations for regular testing of body temperature of staff and visitors - the Akuvox R29C-B now includes a fully automated body temperature measurement feature which will only allow access to the building if people are within the normal temperature range.

Wireless access control from your smartophone - what are the options?RFID:

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless identifier technology usually found it keyfobs and cards. Each RFID card or keyfob will be registered to a specific user. If the user and their ID is registered to the system then it will be recognised by the intercom / access endpoint. This provides a contact-free authentication without having to press buttons or keypads.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a type of RFID wireless data which transfers technology that detects and then enables other devices in close proximity to communicate. Frequently found in latest generation smartphones, NFC technology is now used in many intercoms and access control systems for contactless authentication.


In much the same way as NFC from a smartphone, Bluetooth from a smartphone is now increasingly being used as a hands-free, contactless authentication method for intercoms and access control systems.

Remote Unlocking via smartphone app:

The latest generation of IP Intercom and Access Control devices are frequently available with Smartphone App access and connectivity. Therefore it is now possible to use an App from your smartphone to view cameras and allow access/unlock doors completely remotely from your smartphone, without anyone needing to touch the intercom/access identification device.

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