What is a personal alarm?

Telecare Personal Alarms provide a simple and immediate alarm call for the elderly or infirm users who may be living alone or in assisted living environments and may be in need of emergency assistance.

Akuvox 869 Range available from CIE Group

What is a personal alarm?

Personal Alarmsoften also referred to as Telecare Systems, Panic Alarms, Panic Buttons, Emergency Call etc – provide a simple and immediate alarm call for the elderly or disabled users who may be living alone or in assisted living environments and may be in need of emergency assistance. These personal alarm systems allow users to simply press a button (often in the form of a pendant, wrist strap or wall-mounted button), which will automatically call a designated person, emergency services, or concierge, for example, in order to alert that support/assistance is required.

Telecare personal alarm systems usually have a button as a trigger; this trigger then notifies the appropriate services when activated. When someone feels unwell, has a fall or feels threatened or in a dangerous situation, the user can press the panic button to alert services for help. Panic buttons may have a silent or audible alarm depending on your preference, however most systems alert some sort of service to the situation.

Depending on the provider and your alarm abilities, a personal emergency alarm may alert monitoring services to an issue, which can then contact emergency services or a designated respondent (such as a femily member) on your behalf. Monitoring services may contact you after an alarm is activated to check it was not triggered by mistake.

How does a personal emergency alarm system work?

Personal alarm systems vary in shapes, sizes and format; however, they all consist of two main elements – an alert button and a communication system.

  • The button - can be a physical button found often in the form of a neck-worn pendant, wrist strap or wall mount unit. IT may also take the form of a digital button on a communication panel (similar to an ipad) or a mobile phone app. The key essential is that this button can be triggered quickly, silently and unobtrusively by someone who feels under threat or in need of help when situations may be unsafe or uncomfortable to call for help in another way. The digital options of panic alarm button has made it easier to distribute to an entire resident group or workforce in a cost-effective way.
  • The communication system - is the way that help is summoned. The communication system will usually be a form of telephone - though it may often not look like a phone; it may be a simple, unobtrusive box or a touchscreen panel, similar to a tablet or ipad. The alert system makes an automatic call to a designated recipient, off-site alarm monitoring centre, or on-site security hub.

Panic alarm systems can be set-up to alert as many or few potential responders as needed. Having this flexibility means there is a solution to suit virtually any set of circumstances.

Akuvox X7HD(869) available at CIE Group

Where can emergency alarm systems be used?

These personal assistance systems are used across various sectors, but are most frequently applied to private homes, supported housing and residential care.

In addition for solo workers or for people working late hours where they may feel threatened, a panic alarm can be a reassurance as it gives workers the reassurance that help is just a button-press away.

Panic alarm systems are regularly used in care homes or for elderly people who live alone. This type of panic alarm will often take the form of a wearable pendant alarm button. These types of panic alarms differ as they are usually set up to alert family members or neighbours and not the emergency services straight away. Therefore, the resident or user simply presses the button to alert a designated responder (family member, support worker, emergency services, etc) should they need urgent assistance for security or health reasons.

EP10 Akuvox pendant alarmWhy should you install a panic alarm system?

Emergencies are unpredictable. Therefore taking action and installing a panic alarm system is one of the best things you can do as they can save lives.

Installing an emergency alarm system has many benefits such as:

  • Providing peace of mind – having a panic alarm reassures people that they can get help quickly if they need it.
  • Preventing escalation of a situation – if you have a silent alarm you can signal for help without alerting an intruder which could potentially escalate a situation.
  • Preventing or minimalising harm – the simple pressing of a button to alert to a situation is both a fast and effective way of getting help as it minimises the need for additional people or steps in the process. Therefore help arrives quicker.
  • Helping to fulfil legal obligations around employee safety - Monitoring services ensure every alert is actioned, so even if there is an accidental press of a button this is assessed and then disregarded or an alert followed by the arrival of the emergency services.

What is a Pendant Alarm?

A pendant alarm is a small, wearable device worn around the neck on a lanyard. Pendant alarms allow you to call for emergency help by the simple press of a button.

What does a Pendant Alarm do?

Pendant alarms allow users to remotely make an emergency call to a designated family member, support worker or twenty-four hour service centre.

Who are Pendant Alarms for?

The majority of systems using pendant alarms tend to be assisted living / retirement villages, where people who spend a large amount of time at home on their own or have a long-term medical condition and want to be able to contact someone if they require help. Pendant alarms can provide peace-of-mind for the elderly or those with disabilities, allowing them to have increased levels of independent living.

Integration of EP10 Emergency Call Telecare Pendant with Akuvox access control and door entry systems

The C315S, C317A, C317S & X7HD Intercom Panels are available from the Akuvox ‘869’ range, these are compatible with the Akuvox EP10 Telecare Pendant alarms. Using the telecare pendant alarms allows elderly or infirm users to make an emergency call to a designated family member or to a twenty-four hour service centre in the event of a fall or accident. The telecare pendant can also be programmed to unlock doors for visitors remotely. All of this by the simple press of the pendant alarm button.

Akuvox Pendant Alarm Solution Overview

Akuvox Pendant Alarm Solution Overview

What are the benefits of an Akuvox Smart Intercom Solution for Assisted Care & Hospitals?

  • Converge the latest technologies, including SIP, Android and AI
  • Easy-to-use system specially designed for older individuals
  • 100% transmission of SOS signal to service centres with <10 seconds SOS signal delay
  • Telecare pendant for making emergency calls and remote door unlocking via RF
  • Connect with various alarm sensors, such as door magnet and smoke detector, for greater home security
  • Remote operation and maintenance of a large number of devices
  • Easy to upgrade the system for new features

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