What is 2N PICard?

Introducing 2N PICard increased security RFID card access.

2N PICard

What is 2N PICard?

2N has introduced a next-generation solution called 2N PICard, which leverages the power of MIFARE DESFire technology to provide Protected Identity Credentials (PIC). This innovative cryptographic solution offers several key advantages:

  • Complete Security: 2N PICard delivers a highly secure door access control system, eliminating the risks associated with card cloning and unauthorized access. It incorporates robust encryption measures, including symmetric (AES-128) and asymmetric (ECDSA) encryption, while ensuring that the master encryption key remains solely in the hands of the customer.
  • Simple Workflow: Despite its advanced security features, 2N PICard maintains a user-friendly interface and a streamlined workflow. It enables facility managers and system integrators to implement a high level of security without requiring in-depth knowledge of MIFARE DESFire technology.
  • Flexibility for All: The solution offers great flexibility to both facility managers and system integrators. It caters to the needs of single buildings as well as multiple sites. System integrators can also provide secure card management as a service, expanding their offerings to clients.

2N PICard technology

How does PICard Commander work?

2N’s PICard Commander is a software application that allows administrators to create a unique cryptographic keyset for various sites. Keysets are based on the main encryption key from which encryption keys and reading keys are derived. Encryption keys are used to encrypt new credentials on MIFARE DESFire EV2/EV3 cards via a 2N USB reader.

Reading keys are exported and uploaded either directly to the 2N devices installed onsite or to the 2N Access Commander that distributes them to connected 2N IP intercoms and 2N Access Unit readers.

Experience the benefits of 2N PICard

To learn more about the technical specifications, functionality, and numerous benefits that 2N PICard brings to door access control systems, please download the following leaflet or contact the CIE sales team to arrange a demo.

PICard-compatible 2N devices

2N PICard credentials are compatible with their latest-generation Access Unit 2.0 Readers and Verso Reader Modules as listed below. These latest generation access readers with Bluetooth & RFIS or Touch Keypad & RFID feature 2N’s own RFID chip to fully support PICard credentials.

Download the 2N PICard brochure

2N PICard brochure

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