Royal Mail Parcel Hub - 2N IP Intercom & Access System

Royal Mail's new automated parcel distribution hub in Warrington uses 2N IP Force and IP Solo intercoms for transport and pedestrian access.

Location:    Warrington, UK
Client:         Royal Mail
Installer:    Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions



Royal Mail Group provides the UK's main national postal service and also operates an international logistics operation.
Their new automated warehouse in the north west of England is the first of 3 parcel hubs to be created to meet the fast developing demands for next-day delivery in e-retail parcel distribution throughout the UK and internationally.

Royal Mail Parcel Hub uses 2N access control

System requirements

The first of 3 new 'super-hub' parcel distribution centres to be built in the UK, Royal Mail's Warrington Hub is the size of 4.5 football pitches and has the capability of processing 600,000 parcels per day.

In order to effectively process such high parcel quantities 24-7, all year round, ensuring efficiency and security of transport and staff access is an essential part of the site's success.

The transport and pedestrian access network was required to meet the demands 24-hour commercial use in all weathers, whilst being easily managed and controlled from multiple on-site and remote office locations.

The Solution - 2N IP Intercoms

Working directly with Royal Mail's Property & Facilities department, CIE's specialist intercom specification team designed and supplied a network of IP-connected outdoor and indoor intercom devices using the market-leading 2N product range.

2N Answering Panel desk stand receptionThe Warrington parcel hub site features multiple vehicle entry/exit points, each of which features 2N's IP Force IP- & IK-rated robust intercom units. Each of the 2N Force terminal features 4 call buttons which allow drivers to call reception, security or transport offices to request access to the site.

Request-for-access calls are answered via a 2N Indoor Touch touchscreen answering panel situated in each of the offices. The Indoor Touch devices provide high definition audio & video calls and allow the staff to identify drivers/visitors, before remotely opening gates, barriers or doors at the touch of an on-screen button.

Additionally, the Royal Mail site's 3 staff pedestrian access points are serviced via 2N's IP Solo compact door intercoms. Featuring high resolution, night-vision camera, microphone and single call button, the 2N Solo intercoms video call to the main office's Indoor Touch to request access to the building.

Project System Architecture:


- 4 x 2N 9151104CHW IP Force Intercom - 4 call buttons, HD camera, 10W speaker
- 4 x 2N 9155301CS IP Solo Compact Intercom with camera
- 3 x 2N 91378365 Indoor Touch Answering Unit, Black
- 3 x 2N 91378382 Indoor Touch Desk Stand

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Products used in this project

2N - 9155301CS IP Solo Intercom
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2N 9151104CHW IP Force with 4 Call Buttons
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2N - Indoor Touch Touchscreen Digital Intercom
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2N - 91378382 Indoor Touch Desk Stand
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