Manhattan Apartments - Akuvox Smart IP Intercoms

Multi-site Apartments in Manhattan use Akuvox Smart IP Intercoms for centralised door entry.

Location:    New York, USA
Client:         Rivington Properties


New York apartments feature Akuvox SmartPlus Cloud Intercom serviceRivington Properties is a specialist real estate management company which manages and maintains a wide range of residential and commercial properties throughout New York. In particular, the company focuses on MDUs (multi dwelling units) throughout Manhattan, and the delivery of operating efficiencies and improved tenant relationships in order to maximise value for their clients.

System Requirements

Serving four apartment buildings in separate locations for a single client, the door intercom and access control system needed to provide full remote management across all sites; as well as providing the flexibility for frequent tenant changes across the combined 72 apartment units.

The Solution - Akuvox Smart IP Intercom System

Akuvox R29C IP Intercom with QR code scanningCovering four separate buildings in Manhattan and a total of 72 apartments, the client chose the flexibility of the Akuvox SmartPlus IP Intercom platform to provide property access management across all sites via the all-in-one web portal.

Rivington Properties created a community account to cover all four sites, allowing all maintenance tasks such as door release audits, software upgrades and intercom device status to be remotely carried out via the Akuvox portal.

Each site features Akuvox's flagship R29S IP Intercom at the main entrance to provide a range of access authentication options including NFC & Bluetooth, digital keypad and digital phonebook of residents.

Internally, each apartment features an Akuvox C315 Touchscreen Intercom Panel - allowing for video calls between visitors at the entrance and residents in their apartments and, of course, access permission from the apartment at the simple touch of a button.

With frequent resident changes in the leased apartments, the property manager has full control and the ability to remotely update user accounts via the SmartPlus Cloud platform. Resident profiles can quickly and easily be added, deleted or updated online, meaning Rivington Properties no longer need to worry about the hassle or security risks of unreturned access cards.

Door Intercom & Access via smartphones for residents

Akuvox X7HD C315 Touchscreen Door Intercom PanelVia the Akuvox SmartPlus App, this Smart IP Intercom system also allows residents to use their smartphones to receive calls, remotely open gates & doors, create virtual temporary PIN or QR entry codes for visitors or deliveries and check door release logs - all fully remotely from anywhere in the world.

The Results

  • Rivington Properties has been extremely satisfied with the Akuvox intercom hardware and SmartPlus Cloud platform - resulting in further clients throughout Manhattan adopting the Akuvox system for their apartment and MDU projects.
  • Using standard Ethernet network cable infrastructure, including PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), has significantly reduced installation costs compared with traditional analogue systems.
  • Remote centralised management of the multi-site properties has helped the customer to achieve improved system management efficiencies.
  • And smartphone-enabled intercom systems have not only improved tenant satisfaction, but also differentiates the properties as tech-forward buildings in a crowded real estate marketplace.


- 4 x Akuvox R29S Smart IP Door Intercoms
- 72 x Akuvox C315 (X7HD) Indoor Touchscreen Intercom Panels



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Products used in this project

Akuvox X7HD - 7" Indoor Touchscreen Intercom Panel, Black
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Akuvox R29S - Smart IP Intercom with digital phonebook
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Akuvox SmartPlus App for intercom smartphone Cloud integration
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