New Akuvox S539 door intercom S539 revealed

28th July 2023

Introducing the new Akuvox S539 - their  latest flagship IP Door Intercom for high profile, multi-user residential and workspace applications.


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Akuvox S539 Door Intercom

The Akuvox S539 is the latest IP Door Intercom Unit to be added to the Akuvox range.

The S539 offers a sleek design with a 10" colour touchscreen display which can be customised to suit company branding and colours. The S539 is an ideal solution for co-working office spaces, apartment buildings, gated communities and MDU's.

This flagship new smart door intercom embraces many state-of-the-art video, access and security technologies to provide a ‘statement piece’ first point of entry for visitor-to-resident communication, door entry and access control.

The Akuvox S539 features multiple access authentication methods:

Akuvox S539 Authentication Methods

The S539 at a glance:

  • Main camera features built-in HDR mode to tackle a variety of high-contrast scenes
  • Face verification accuracy >99% ; face comparison speed
  • Intuitive interface with colour touch display for superior tenants/visitors/usability
  • Supports SIP to provide reliable voice & video communication
  • Complies with ONVIF standard for easy integration with any network surveillance system
  • Auto-night mode with LED illumination
  • Camera permanently operational
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Voice Activation Detection
  • System logs (include door access logs)

The S539 at a glance

Unsurpassed number of access authentication methods:

The new Akuvox S539 has one of the widest ranges of access authentication methods in a single device seen on the current market. As well as the full range of contactless and smartphone authentication technologies (such as BLE, face recognition and QR code scanning), the S539 door intercom also supports dual-factor authentication for increased security.

Enhanced Motion Detection

The S539 boasts a highly intelligent motion detection system allowing administrators to customise detection zones, minimising unnecessary alerts triggered by passing cars or swaying trees, for example. This not only reduces the device's wake-up times but also conserves energy, ensuring efficient operation.

Integrated QR Code Camera

With the integration of a dedicated QR code camera, the S539 offers a seamless and streamlined access experience. Users can conveniently perform QR scanning and facial recognition on a single screen, simplifying the process of temporary access keys for visitors, deliveries or service staff.

Superior Starlight & HDR Camera

Experience improved image and video quality in the full scope of lighting conditions with the S539's cutting-edge starlight and HDR camera technologies. Whether it's a bright sunny day or a dark night, these advanced features deliver crisp and clear video pictures.

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Akuvox S539 available from CIE Group

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Available to order now from CIE

Available now from Akuvox distributor CIE-Group, the Akuvox S539 combines the best of IP intercoms and IP cameras.

For full details or to arrange a product demonstration, please contact the CIE sales team on T. 0115 9770075 or email [email protected]

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