2N Indoor View new features released

5th September 2022

2N Introduces two new features to the 2N Indoor View.

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With the new update of 2N OS Version 2.35, the Indoor View Intercom Answering Panel now includes videomail and pinch-to-zoom during calls – giving residents additional peace-of-mind when answering a call from the door phone.


Soon it will be the standard for every intercom with the new 2.35 version of the 2N OS to leave a video message after the tone just like a voicemail. 

When a resident isn’t home, the intercom at the front entrance will play either a custom recorded message or a default message in-built. The visitor can then leave a video mail (video message), which the resident is notified of via their 2N Indoor View answering unit which can then be played with a single click.

Pinch-to-zoom during intercom calls

Security and knowing exactly who’s trying to gain access to your home is important. This is why 2N OS 2.35 has introduced zoom-in during intercom calls so you can see more clearly the caller's face, the delivery person's name tag, or clarify someone’s ID if needed. To use the feature you simply pinch two fingers, just like you would on your smartphone.

Extra upgrade

The 2N OS 2.35 also brings improvement to the 2N Indoor View, Indoor Compact and Indoor Talk units with automatic activation of "Do Not Disturb" mode. The administrator can set a time period in which they will not be disturbed e.g. night hours 8 pm – 6 am.

Main features of the 2N Indoor View:

Large Capacitive Touchscreen7" HD capacitive touchscreen

The 2N Indoor View features a high resolution colour, capacitive touchscreen interface for easy, user-friendly control and call answering.


High ResolutionHigh resolution full screen colour video calls

High quality video calls from connected 2N IP Door Intercoms, provides a clear view of any visitors to the main entrance.


reduced cabling installation - IP ConnectedReduced cabling installation

As an IP-connected intercom device, the interface provides significant reductions in cabling installation - only requiring a network connection (for data and PoE) and door-strike for access control. Reduces installation time, cost and complexity.


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Available to order now from CIE

Available now from 2N UK distributor CIE-Group, the 2N Indoor View.

For full details or to arrange a product demonstration, please contact the CIE sales team on T. 0115 9770075 or email [email protected]

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