XPO Logistics for Ted Baker - Network PA System

XPO Logistics in Derby is the European distribution hub for leading fashion retailer Ted Baker. The 300,000 sq ft distribution centre uses a combination of Axis IP Audio and Inter-M 100v line audio for site-wide public address and background music.

Location:    Derby, UK
Client:         XPO Logistics for Ted Baker

Installer:    Midland Communications


Having clinched a deal to manage pan-European distribution for UK fashion retailer Ted Baker, XPO Logistics' new Derby distribution warehouse provides a consolidated single logisitcs hub for all sales throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

System requirements

XPO Logistics approached specialist integrators Midland Communications to design and install a large-scale background music and public address system throughout their new 323,000 sq ft distribution centre near Derby.

Due to the scale of the site, the required system needed to allow for different music sources to be played into 11 different zones, as well as providing live voice paging and pre-recorded messages to be broadcast or triggered from a range of paging microphones, IP telephones, desktop or mobile devices.

In addition the specification required the audio system to interface with the site's existing fire alarm panel, to ensure that if any alarm activated, all music or messaging was muted - giving the emergency alarms full priority.

Inter-M MA016 100v line amplifier

The Solution - De-centralised IP & 100v line audio system

Following a detailed site survey, Midland Communications teamed-up with IP Audio experts CIE-Group to design and deliver a fully integrated 'de-centralised' background music and public address system. combining conventional 100v line audio equipment with the latest in audio-over-IP technology.

Audio-over-IP technology allows for significant increased audio signal transmission distances using standard Ethernet network cable infrastructure, as well as allowing for improved flexibility in control, zoning, paging and music distribution using specialised software management systems.

The chosen system for the XPO Logistics Ted Baker project focuses on the Axis audio-over-IP hardware & software platform for control and zoning distribution, whilst each individual zone is 'powered' using tried-and-tested conventional analogue 100v line equipment from the market-leading Inter-M product range.

Axis Network Audio Microphone ConsoleLive paging announcements can be made from any of the system's 3 Network Microphone Consoles (located in the main building's reception, hub & security offices), or from designated IP telephones or PCs connected to the network system.

The Axis Network Microphone Consoles also feature a digital audio store facility which allows for a series of pre-recorded messages and tones to be stored and broadcast to any or all zones at the touch of a button. The XPO Logistics site makes full use of this feature as an emergency messaging facility, providing evacuation warnings to all staff with immediate priority override of all other audio sources such as background music or voice announcements.

De-centralised Audio system architecture

The XPO Logistics Network Audio System covers 323,000 sq ft, driving in excess of 180 loudspeakers over 11 seperate zones.

XPO Logistics Ted Baker Network Audio PA System

Combined audio-over-IP and 100v line audio for site-wide de-centralised system

The scale of the site - and the need for full flexibility of zoning different areas - called for a combination of state-of-the-art audio-over-IP technology and conventional analogue 100v line equipment.
Known as a 'de-centralised' system, the Axis network audio technology allows full control of the 11 different zones from a PC-based network management software system. Each of the 11 zones features its own Axis C8033 Network Audio Bridge - which converts the IP audio signals back to conventional analogue. In turn, these converted analogue signals are then connected to a series of Inter-M 100v line amplifiers which drive the 180+ loudspeakers installed throughout the site.


 - 3 x Axis SIP MIC Network Audio Microphone Console
 - 11 x Axis C8033 Analogue-to-IP Audio Bridge
 - 2 x Axis C3003E Network Horn Speaker
 - 4 x Inter-M DPA900S 900W Power Amplifier
 - 4 x Inter-M MA106 60W Compact Mixer Amplifier
 - 1 x Inter-M MA103 30W Compact Mixer Amplifier

 - 1 x Inter-M PA240A 240W MIxer Amplifier
 - 1 x Inter-M PP6214 Pre Amplifier
 - 125 x SPS80TW Suspended Pendant Loudspeaker
 - 24 x SP20T8 Sound Projector
 - 12 x MH50-100 High Power Music Horn


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Products used in this project

Axis - SIP MIC IP Zone Paging Microphone
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Axis Communications - C8033 Analog-to-Network Audio Bridge
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SPS80TW 80W 8ohm / 32W 100v Suspended Pendant Speaker
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Inter-M - DPA900S 1x 900W 100v Power Amplifier
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Inter-M - MA106 60W, Compact 3 Input Amplifier
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CIE - MH50-100 50W Horn Speaker
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