MediaCity - IP Intercom & Audio System

MediaCity - the international hub for technology and media - benefits from a unified IP security system including 2N IP Intercom & IP Audio technologies.

Location:    Manchester, UK
Client:         Peel Land and Property Group


MediaCity features 2N IP intercoms and IP SpeakersProviding an international hub for technology, innovation & creativity, and home to many digital and media companies including the BBC, ITV and Ericsson, MediaCity UK is a 200 acre development on the banks of the newly re-developed Manchester Ship Canal.

With over 250 thriving businesses based within the MediaCity development, combining a great customer experience with safe and secure surveillance and access requires a highly effective unified security platform.

System requirements

With a strict specification from client owners Peel Group to deliver a fully unified security system, the brief specified the need for full integration between all involved parties and systems on the security system. CCTV, surveillance, access, intercoms and public address were all required to connect over an IP platform, managed on-site from the on-site Peel Centre security control room.

The intercom network was required to meet the needs of both access control and information points for staff, visitors and customers. In addition, the site-wide public address system was required to deliver both standard messaging, but also to work in conjunction with the CCTV system as a live warning / deterrent audio system.

The Solution - IP Intercoms

2N Force vandal resistant IP intercomCovering 10 separate buildings on the actual MediaCity complex, as well as 3 additional remote sites in Manchester and Liverpool, the market-leading 2N IP Intercom and IP Audio systems provided the ideal solution.

The intercom devices specified for the majority of outdoor, public access areas were the 2N Force IP Intercoms - some of the most robust, durable vandal-resistant intercom devices available on the market. Internal and 'low risk' areas were supplemented with 2N's award-winning, Verso modular IP intercoms.

Exit from each of the buildings' carparks is via the Force IP intercom which will firstly contact the individual building's reception to request access. Certain buildings also have a main entrance door  intercom (2N IP Verso) to contact reception to request access.
If any of the intercom calls are not answered by the designated reception, then calls are automatically re-directed to the on-site Peel Centre Security control room for the security team to respond and allow access to/from car parks or buildings.
As each building closes in the evenings, all intercom calls are automatically routed to Peel Centre security control for overnight supervision. All intercoms then route back to normal call routing in the morning as buildings and carparks reopen.

There are also a number of remote IP intercoms located throughout the development used as customer/visitor information points, which route directly to the security team.

Using 2N's highly intuitive Access Commander intercom management software, the security team are easily able to manage, monitor and control all IP intercoms on the system, allowing fast and efficient configuration of individual devices or site-wide changes such as call route timings.

IP Intercom & IP Audio system architecture

The MediaCity security & intercom system covers 10 local buildings & 3 remote sites and features in excess of 110 IP endpoints, all connected to the LAN and managed remotely from the security office via a simple, intuitive interface.

Media City Manchester IP Intercom and IP Audio System

The Solution - IP Audio

2N network audio Horn LoudspeakerThe system also features a number of IP loudspeaker endpoints used both for standard public address information and, in conjunction with the CCTV system, as 'challenge speakers'.

The IP audio speakers used are a mix of 2N IP cabinet speakers for indoor and covered outdoor areas and 2N IP Horn Speakers for outdoor, wide area coverage. Controlled over the network from the security office, public address announcements and pre-recorded messages can be broadcast either site-wide or to individual zones.

In addition, a number of 2N IP Horn Speakers have been installed adjacent to outdoor CCTV cameras. Should the security team witness any issues of concern or potential crimes, they are able to broadcast live voice messages directly to the camera zone warning people, for instance, that they are 'being recorded on CCTV and should immediately disperse' or 'the authorities have been contacted', etc ahead of security staff being dispatched.



 - 34 x 2N 9151101CW Force vandal-resistant IP Intercom
 - 6 x 2N 9155101C Verso Modular IP Intercom
 - 17 x 2N 914421W IP Cabinet Loudspeaker
 - 14 x 2N 914422E IP Horn Loudspeaker
 - 12 x Grandstream GXV3275 multimedia IP Videophone
 - 10 x 2N 9137410E IP Relay Board

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Products used in this project

2N - 9151101CW Helios Force robust IP Door Intercom
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2N - IP Verso Modular Door Intercom with camera
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2N Access Commander Access Control Interface
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2N - 914422E Audio-over-IP Horn Loudspeaker
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2N - 914421W Audio over IP Wallmount Loudspeaker
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Grandstream - GXV3275 Multimedia IP telephone with 7 inch touch screen, Android, Wifi, PoE
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