Quanika Enterprise unified building management system

31st May 2024

Quanika Enterprise seamlessly combines powerful and robust access control with best-in-class security and safety applications, along with the most open and welcoming visitor management tools available on the market. 

Smooth and efficient access - transform your buildings to better serve your people

Integration with personnel databases streamlines access management with powerful automation tools that enable instant changes or revocations of access authorizations.

Quanika Enterprise provides a real-time view of single or multiple sites, showing who is on site, as well as their location and time. It allows for detailed audits to verify every access event and every visitor's movement on site.

Flexibility and Control on the Move

Quanika’s Enterprise software now includes a comprehensive website interface, making it easy to manage your site and access full reporting from any location. Key features include:

Interactive User Dashboard

The interactive user dashboard includes real-time counters, events, and alarms, providing you with real-time situational awareness for enhanced site management and security.

Cardholder control

Cardholder Control

Easily manage all cardholders by assigning access levels, issuing new cards, and moderating permissions for existing cardholders.

access level management tool

Access Level Management Tool

Simplify user access level adjustments by creating new access levels and modifying existing ones with ease.

visual rule builder tool

Visual Rule Builder Tool

Facilitates the creation of rules and dependencies through intuitive icons and graphics, simplifying the process.

web-based report designer

Web-based Report Designer

Speeds up the creation of multiple reports with a wide range of utilities, including custom filters and designs, enhancing efficiency.

id badging capability

ID Badging Capability

Enables users to create custom templates for cardholders, incorporating custom fields and placeholders for various categories such as visitors, contractors, permanent, and temporary staff.


Quanika EnterpriseEnterprise Integration with VMS Providers

Enterprise seamlessly integrates with best-in-class VMS (Video Management System) providers, offering scalable video management solutions across diverse locations through a cost-effective hybrid model. By working seamlessly with a wide range of leading VMS manufacturers, Quanika now enables multiple connections, simplifying the management of more network cameras and devices across large or multiple locations from a single user-friendly interface. This enhances security monitoring and operational efficiency, ensuring comprehensive coverage and control.


Enterprise presents a comprehensive range of integrated solutions 

Enterprise enables seamless integration with systems, hardware, and infrastructure from industry-leading vendors, ensuring optimum efficiency and overcoming the challenges and security gaps caused by siloed systems and data. This holistic approach facilitates a unified security environment, streamlining operations and enhancing overall system responsiveness and reliability.

major site systems

Major Site Systems: Seamless solutions for integration

Quanika’s Integration Utility Tool simplifies the process for systems integrators to incorporate a variety of third-party products and systems into a seamless, unified interface. Quanika Enterprise offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to choose from a broad spectrum of technologies and vendor-specific solutions across multiple sites and scales. This ensures that your security and operational needs are met with precision and scalability.

visitor mangement

Visitor Management: A Controlled and More Efficient Welcome

Integration with Quanika VisitorPoint revolutionizes how you manage site access for staff, contractors, visitors, and deliveries. It controls which areas and systems they can access, enhancing site security and operational efficiency. Visitors and staff benefit from a smooth, hassle-free experience with automated site information and advance QR codes for services ranging from parking to network access. This system not only improves efficiency but also gives you full control by always keeping you informed about who is on your site.

fire and life safety

Fire and Life Safety: Enabling Centralized Management and Greater Control

Quanika Enterprise seamlessly integrates with leading fire and life safety systems, enabling you to monitor protective measures across every location. This efficient, unified approach supports the management of both passive and active heat and smoke detection technologies. It also allows for the visual verification of alerts, helping to quickly distinguish between false alarms that disrupt business and major incidents that necessitate a full evacuation. This integration ensures a higher level of safety and continuity for your operations.

smart lockers

Smart Lockers: Touchless personal storage

Integrating Metra Modo’s smart lockers equipped with RFID technology and optional touchless features, Quanika Enterprise offers secure and hygienic personal storage solutions. This is especially ideal for environments like schools, universities, hospitals, and campus sites where secure storage is essential.

network cameras

Network Cameras: No need to compromise on choice

Quanika Enterprise supports off-the-shelf integration with an extensive lineup of cameras through industry-leading VMS manufacturers. This includes dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZs (pan-tilt-zoom), thermal cameras, and body cams, allowing you to select the perfect model for effective surveillance, security operations, and business intelligence.

intruder systems

Intruder Systems: Optimised Site Protection with Visual Verified Alarms

Enhance intruder alarm systems with full visual verification capabilities within Quanika Enterprise. This integration adds certainty and agility to every security response, minimizing risk and eliminating doubt, and is compatible with all leading intruder system technologies.

access control intercoms

Access Control Intercoms: Secure Access with Two-Way Communications

Quanika Enterprise integrates off-the-shelf with best-in-class Network Door Stations that combine video surveillance, two-way communications, and remote entry control. Ideal for entrances frequented by regular and first-time visitors, these systems enable secure, rapid access and direct communication when needed.

key cabinets

Key Cabinets: Centralised Management of Protected Assets

Integration with Assa Abloy Traka’s intelligent key management technology through Quanika Enterprise simplifies the security, management, and auditing of almost any physical asset. This system enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime by controlling access to keys and other critical resources.

database integration

Database integration: Orchestrating the most efficient operations

Quanika Enterprise seamlessly integrates with all popular databases, including Microsoft Active Directory, SAP, Oracle, and SQL. This integration streamlines identity management, ensuring secure access to both buildings and networks. Enterprise allows easy import and export of databases, eliminating the need for separate access control authorisation lists and reducing the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities associated with siloed systems.

ip audio

IP Audio: Harness the Power of Sound

Enterprise enhances your sites with IP audio capabilities. Improve safety with automated emergency announcements, deter unwanted activity with remote verbal warnings, and enhance visitor experiences with ambient music. You can configure your own rules, schedule audio, or trigger announcements to play at specific times, addressing common events or specific risks effectively.

hospitality solutions

Hospitality Solutions: Driving Efficiency and Improving Service

For an impressive guest experience and efficient operations, integrate all your systems with Oracle Opera through Quanika Enterprise. This integration links front and back of house operations for seamless connectivity, utilizing the most cost-effective Assa Abloy wireless locks and hardware, ensuring optimal performance and guest satisfaction.

video analytics

Video Analytics: Work Faster and Smarter

Optimise site management across all your locations with Quanika Enterprise's powerful, automated video analytics tools. Relieve your control teams and enhance security with advanced analytics, including ANPR/LPR, essential onboard analytics, and the latest deep learning and AI solutions. These tools provide increased situational awareness, enabling faster identification, verification, and response.

Enhanced Access Control efficiency, even for the most complex locations

Quanika Enterprise enables the seamless integration of your chosen access systems and technologies, providing complete oversight of who enters your sites, their locations, and their visit times. With centralized control over authorizations, you can generate full activity and compliance reports whenever needed.

As a unified platform, Enterprise ensures efficient and trouble-free operations, regardless of the complexity or busyness of your sites. This flexibility allows you to adapt and pivot to meet changing requirements with ease.

Enterprise guarantees that visitors, staff, and contractors will experience a smooth, impressive, and trouble-free welcome to your premises every time.

Flexible People & Credential Management

Quanika Enterprise offers flexible, scalable solutions with all the features you need for effective user management. This includes intuitive, interactive maps and floorplans with one-click icons, allowing you to fine-tune your management experience seamlessly.

  • It supports an unlimited number of cardholders, access groups, rules, and schedules, giving you all the options you need, even for the largest of applications.
  • It can handle all leading card technologies, and lets you harness the efficiencies offered by the latest in biometrics, QR codes and contactless systems.
  • It supports both soft and hard anti-passback control options (‘hard’ which prevents the same card being used twice in quick succession, or ‘soft’ which allows it but simultaneously alerts the control room of a potential security breach).
  • It enables advanced areas occupancy and mustering management, with seamless video integration enabling control room teams to visually verify activity during evacuations and major incidents.
  • Quanika Enterprise comes with a data import and export utility that allows users to quickly import credential information from other systems using simple delimited files (CSV) as well as other database formats.

Advanced alarm monitoring and reporting

Quanika Enterprise provides a real-time view and control of alarms, including notifications for forced doors, abnormal conditions from card readers, and alerts from any type of sensor. Authorised users can acknowledge these alerts and quickly initiate appropriate responses to incidents or suspected threats, ensuring prompt and effective security management.

Transaction logs can be extracted in various formats, with the option to add notes to each alarm for improved compliance and reporting. Alarm events are logged, listed, and reported in order of priority, including date, time, and the number of occurrences. This detailed logging ensures thorough documentation and efficient management of security incidents.

Full situational awareness, from a single unified platform

Integrating Enterprise with video surveillance enhances situational awareness by providing visual verification for all access events and transactions. Enterprise offers your operators a real-time overview of system status through a single interface, ensuring the most efficient and rapid response to events and alarms.

Choose from a variety of matrix camera viewing options, including multiple streams, live view, PTZ control, playback, and search. Easily capture snapshots of live images, export video clips for evidence, and configure alarms to address and mitigate risks.

Seamless System Functionality for the widest range of applications and sectors



Simplify flexible working for medical teams by streamlining staffing allocation with pre-authorised parking and easy access to clinics and hospitals through QR codes and touchless self-service kiosks and tablets. This allows healthcare providers to quickly adapt to daily clinical demands.



Enhance efficient centralised control and straightforward in-store management with comprehensive integration of intruder, fire, and safety systems. This setup facilitates remote, video-verified investigations into access events, fraud, shrinkage, and health & safety incidents.

Multi-tenanted buildings

Multi-Tenanted Buildings

Optimise building usage through occupancy monitoring and BMS integration. Customize operations and segregate databases for each tenant to provide seamless access and improve front-of-house and facility management services, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality

Achieve complete, seamless integration of front and back of house operations by incorporating Oracle OPERA, Assa Abloy wireless locks, and building management systems. This unified platform enables operators to manage, monitor, and control all devices, ensuring a smoother and more welcoming guest experience.



Streamline operations by remotely managing time and attendance through mobile apps, enabling frictionless and secure access with touchless biometrics. Utilise big data intelligence to pre-empt threats, verify and re-validate permits to work, and restrict access with timed alerts. These measures significantly boost efficiency and reduce operating costs.



Secure supply chains, enhance health and safety, and ensure comprehensive oversight of operations through integrated systems. Implement smart, automated controls at every stage to improve customer service and boost efficiency using analytics-driven video, automatic license plate verification for vehicle movement, and tracking of goods in and out.

Commercial offices

Commercial Offices

Optimise workspace and improve employee productivity and visitor experiences by automating and managing an unlimited number of cardholders from a single interface. Flexibly control access to facilities for staff, contractors, and visitors across multiple and international locations.


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