Contacta reveals new Infrared Assistive Listening Systems

19th March 2019

Contacta has released its brand new range of Infrared Assitive Listening Systems -  a range of wireless alternatives to Induction Loop Systems.

Available now from main UK distributor CIE, Contacta has released its brand new Large Area Infrared Assistive Listening Systems range for 2019.

IR SystemsWhat are Infrared Assistive Listening Systems?

Infrared Assistaive Listening Systems are an audio technology with supports improved hearing and communication for people with a hearing impairment.

Developed as a wireless alternative to Induction Loop systems, Infrared assistive listening systems work by converting an audio source into infrared light; this is then wirelessly tansmitted to users via an infrared signal. The infrared receivers (worn by users) then convert this light back into audio, which provides a clear and simple listening experience for hearing impaired audience members.

IR systems are ideal for when a sound source needs transmitting to multiple receivers, when confidentiality is required in small spaces or when ambient noise needs reducing.

What are the benefits of IR systems?

Unlike the traditional Induction Loop System, IR Systems have no cables, they instead use wireless infrared light signals.

Another benefit is that you will not get any unwanted radio signals with an IR system unlike the possibility with an RF system. You can also wear the receiver in many alternate ways, for example listening through hearing aids you can wear a neck loop or a body receiver.

Transmitters and Receivers

Contacta IR-RX2 Portable Infrared ReceiverContacta IR-RXU Portable Infrared Underchin ReceiverContacta IR-TX2 Medium Area Infrared Transmitter with ModulatorContacta IT-TX4 Large Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator

Headphones and Accessories

Contacta IR-NL1 Inductive Neck LoopContacta IR-HP2 Underchin HeadphonesContacta IR-HP1 Headphones


Contacta IR-RX2-DC5 5 Bay Infrared Receiver Charger Contacta IR-RXU-DC5 5 Bay Infrared Receiver Charger


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