Akuvox January Updates

23rd January 2024

Following Akuvox's latest software update, our Tech Team expert Ashleigh Wilson introduces the latest updates to further improve smart and contactless authentication and door entry...

Improved QR code access authentication

Akuvox's flagship S539 and X915 IP door intercoms now fully support improved 'no-touch' QR code access authentication; a fantastic solution to generating and managing temporary access keys which can be easily distributed via email, SMS, etc for service access, cleaning staff, deliveries etc. This 'no-touch' development negates the need to press the intercom to activate scanning the QR code. Both devices' cameras are now effectively 'always scanning' for QR codes for even greater levels of contactless access and door entry.

Contactless door unlocking with Siri, Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa

There have also been updates to Apple and Amazon Alexa integration with the full range of Akuvox devices, to support even greater levels of smart and home automation functionality.

Updates to the latest version of the Akuvox SmartPlus app now allow connectivity with Apple's Siri (voice) and Apple Watch (tap) to provide fast and effective contactless access authentication using your Apple devices.

In addition, door opening can now also be voice-activated seamlessly using Amazon Alexa together with a pre-set authentication code.

All updates are now available via the latest Akuvox firmware / software versions.

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Available to order now from CIE

Available now from Akuvox distributor CIE-Group, the Akuvox range provides top quality IP door intercoms and  access control.

For full details or to arrange a product demonstration, please contact the CIE sales team on T. 0115 9770075 or email [email protected]

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