New 2N Access Unit QR reader revealed!

26th April 2024

Introducing the new 2N Access Unit QR - use QR codes to offer quick & reliable temporary and limited-use access credentials.

The 2N Access Unit QR provides quick, secure access using mobile phones and is perfect for visitors! More secure than PINs and cheaper than RFID, QR code access is key to a modern guest experience.

The 2N 916201 is a contactless QR Code Access Reader which allows for access to electronically-secured doors using a user-generated QR Code as a temporary or limited-use credential.

Frictionless visitor experience

Enhance the visitor experience by allowing receptionists to email a QR code in advance for mobile access control. No more remembering PIN codes or waiting at the desk for a temporary RFID card.

The best temporary access

Whether it’s one-off entry, time-limited access, or just a certain number of visits - QR codes are the best credential for guests, providing convenience for visitors and flexibility for admins.

Reduced administrative overheads

The modular design of the reader allows you to add another access module (e.g. Bluetooth & RFID), offering more flexibility for different groups of visitors as well as permanent options for personnel.

Free, more sustainable credentials

Supplement access logs with superb quality screenshots in the 2N Access Commander using the Full HD camera. Or fully integrate the reader into your VMS and use it as a full-featured camera.

2N QR Access Unit

What exactly is QR Code Access Control and how does it function?

QR Codes offer an effective means of authentication for door entry systems, especially in scenarios requiring temporary access or time-limited permissions, such as managing entry for cleaning crews, contractors, or deliveries. These codes, resembling traditional barcodes but more versatile due to their two-dimensional structure, can store significantly more data—up to 2500 characters, compared to a standard barcode's limit of 43. This expanded capacity allows for longer URLs or text strings.

In a QR code-based access control system, the entry mechanism typically incorporates PC software or a smartphone app. This software can swiftly generate a unique QR code tailored to grant access for a specific duration, designated days of the week, a limited number of uses, and entry restricted to certain areas, floors, or zones within the building.

Once the QR code is generated, it can be transmitted directly to the recipient—typically the individual requiring temporary access to the premises—via email or messaging. The recipient then displays the QR code on their smartphone or prints it out as needed.

An access control or door intercom device equipped with QR code functionality features a scanner, usually in the form of a built-in camera. The user simply presents the received QR code from their smartphone to the access control device, which automatically scans it to verify access rights within the specified time and usage parameters.

2N Access QR Reader Unit

Find out more about door entry and access control...

Available to order now from CIE-Group

Available now from 2N UK distributor CIE-Group, the 2N range combines the best of IP intercoms and state-of-the-art contactless access control.

For full details or to arrange a product demonstration, please contact the CIE sales team on T. 0115 9770075 or email [email protected]

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