How to fix Video Timing Errors

Video Timing Errors in a large-scale or complex AV system can be caused by an incompatibility between the output of the AV Source and the AV Displays.
HowToAV talks to CYP AV expert Daniel Branton to find out how to fix a Video Timing Error.

What is a Video Timing Error?

Video Timing’ refers to the output resolution of an AV (audio visual) Source device (such as a media player, games console, BluRay player, etc).

The video timing output resolution might be 1080p at 60Hz or a 4k signal at 50Hz, for example.

Video Timing Errors tend to occur in larger AV systems featuring multiple output displays (screens, projectors, etc). The error occurs when there is an incompatibility between the capabilities of the various displays – usually where one or more of the displays are different to the others. For example, your system might feature 10 display devices; 9 of them support 4k at 50Hz, whereas the other screen is only capable of 1080p only.

This will result in the AV Source device in the system being forced to output at 1080p, thereby sacrificing the 4K quality of the other 9 screens. This would be classed as a Video Timing Error.

How can a Video Timing Error be fixed?

The simplest and most effective solution to correct a video timing error is to add a Video Scaler device into the system – connected between the Source signal and the 1080p ‘problem’ screen.

A Video Scaler (also often referred to as a Downscaler) will receive the original high-resolution 4k signal, downscale the signal to a resolution the ‘problem’ screen will accept – in this case 1080p – thereby, resolving the issue and allowing all 10 screens in the system to display at their ‘best’ resolution.

How to fix a Video Timing Error


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