How do I extend an HDMI signal?

CIE's HowToAV looks at the distance limitations of HDMI signal transmission and offers a range of solutions to extend your signal.

HDBaseT Reciever Available at CIE GroupHDMI - or 'High Definition Multimedia Interface' cables are the most common form of AV connectivity. However they do have their limitations in their transmission distance, with the maximum recommended cable length being no more than 10 to 15 metres only. There are 20-30 meter length HDMI cables available however we do not recommend using these as this is pushing the HDMI cable length capabilities and puts you in danger of experiencing interferance to the picture.

As we look to send our AV signals much greater distances for example room-to-room or multizones, we hit an absolute limit of the capabilities of a direct HDMI cable. There are a number of different options however which will allow for a HDMI signal to be extended. HowtoAV explores these options...

What options are there to send a HDMI signal further?

HDMI Equaliser

An HDMI Equaliser device allows 2 x 15 metre HDMI cables to be connected together and recalculates the signal, allowing for a total transmission distance of 30 metres. This is a simple low cost and effective solution.

HDMI Repeater, Distribution Amplifier or HDMI Splitter

A HDMI Repeater (also known as a DIstribution Amplifier) or HDMI Splitter extends the HDMI signal and usually also 'duplicates' the HDMI signal for connecting to multiple output displays / TVs.

HDMI-over-Cat cable Extender Kits

HDMI-over CAT cable Extender Kits feature both Transmitter and Receiver devices which convert the HDMI signal for transmission over standard Ethernet cable over much greater distances of up to 60 - 100 metres.


HDBaseT is the latest 'signal over CAT cable' transmission technology which transmits HDMI signals simultaneously with PoE, 100BaseT and control signals over Cat5e/6/7 cable up to 100 metres. It is the ideal solution for multiple zone, longer distance audio visual connectivity in both professional and residential AV systems.

Need help with extending your HDMI signal distances? The CIE team can help.Want help choosing the right HDMI product or with your AV system design?

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