How to fix Audio Timing Errors

Audio Timing Errors in a large-scale or complex AV system can be caused by an incompatibility between the output of the AV Source and the AV Displays.
HowToAV talks to CYP AV expert Daniel Branton to find out how to fix an Audio Timing Error.

What is an Audio Timing Error?

'Audio Timing' refers to type of audio signal being outputted from an AV (audio visual) Source Device.

Audio timing errors are more likely to be found in larger AV systems much like video timing errors. The audio timing resolution output might be a 5.1 signal, bit streamed, PCM for example.

An example could be, your system might support the highest of audio formats such as bit stream, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos and DTSX but if a legacy product is in the system, it might only support two channel PCM which is a more basic system which would create an issue as you can’t have both running at the same time.  This would be classed as an audio timing error.

How can an Audio Timing Error be fixed?

The best and most effective way to resolve this issue is to add a Dolby or DTS downmixer to the system.

A downmixer will take the full signal and downmix it to something the screen can understand and getting the best result instead of dropping everything to two channel and losing out in other zones.

How to fix an Audio Timing Error

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