dormakaba Quantum IV

The dormakaba Quantum IV electronic door lock offers dormakaba’s unique award winning two-piece modular design with an RFID reader.

dormakaba Quantum IV

The dormakaba Quantum IV electronic door lock.

The Quantum IV electronic door lock offers dormakaba’s unique award winning two-piece modular design with an RFID reader for a sleek and elegant appearance combined with superior lock performance. The lock accepts Mifare Plus credentials for enhanced functionality, and works with dormakaba access management software.

Quantum IVMobile Access

The Quantum IV uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and can operate using the dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, allowing guests to use their mobile device as their hotel room key.


  • Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
  • Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic doorlocks throughout a facility
  • Access control for guest rooms, common areas as well asback-of-house

Security Features

  • High security and tamper-proof design
  • 1" solid deadbolt (optional auto deadbolt)
  • Staff monitoring - RFID Keycard audits
  • Tracking mortise for door ajar reporting (ädəse standard,MT optional)
  • Emergency access: emergency key, mechanical key andelectronic override
  • Usage detail stamp in real-time with date/hours/minutes

Low Maintenance

  • AA alkaline; Batteries last up to 2 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff
  • Lock programming and audit records are not erasedduring battery replacement
  • Operates with a completely sealed contactless reader

Access control management software

The QuantumIV lock is supported by dormakaba’s access management software solution for both guest and staff access. Optionally, choose dormakaba’s online access management solution for superior control and monitoring.

Quantum IV

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Mechanical Features
Electronic mortise lockset with 1" (25.4mm) throw deadbolt and 5/8" (15.9mm) dead-locking latch bolt
Factory-handed mortise (left, right, left reverse, right reverse)
Available Finishes
Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Bright Brass, Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, Dark Mahogany , Black
Door Thickness
1¾" (44.5mm) to 2⅛" (53.98mm) for standard product
Shipping Weight
Approximately 8.0 lbs (3.62 Kg) with hardware
Housing Construction
Escutcheons: stainless steel/brass; Levers: brass, zinc, or stainless steel
Standard Backset
2¾" (69.9mm) from door edge to lever
Locking Options
ANSI lock case with 1¼” or 1” faceplate
Online Configurations
Messenger LENS Ready DAJ mortise (ANSI lock case) Standard (stand alone) inside escutcheon
Messenger LENS Online Lock controller board with Messenger LENS capability ; DAJ mortise (ANSI lock case)
Inside escutcheon equipped with Messenger LENS module
Mobile Access Option
BLE compatible Standard Lock. Upgradeable to BLE by adding BLE connector cable, end cap and BLE module
BLE ready Upgradeable to BLE with BLE module
BLE enabled End cap with BLE module included, no further upgrades needed
Lock Operation
Interrogation Obtain key usage reports from the lock by using a handheld unit at the door, or remotely using Messenger LENS
Keycards Configurable expiration dates and can be made up to 10 days in advance without canceling current or arriving guests
Passage Mode Set by authorized keycard or Messenger LENS system. Can also be configured to perform an automated/pre-defined passage mode time.
RFID Credentials
Two credential format options available: Mifare Classic or Mifare Plus- Mifare Classic (4byte NUID): Guest Keycards
(Mini), Staff (4K & 1K) - Mifare Plus: Guest Keycards (Mifare Ultralight C, 7 Byte UID), Staff Keycards (Mifare Plus S 2K,
4 Byte NUID, Mifare Plus S 4K, 4 Byte NUID)
Audit Trail Up to 4,000 events
Disability Feature RCU readers required to interface with automatic power operated doors for special openings
Certifications & Testing
AccessibilityStandard ADA compliant levers (Code of Federal Regulations 28 CFR Part 36 – 1994 "ADA Standards for Accessible Design”)
BHMA/ANSI Certified Grade 1 “ANSI/BHMA A256.13-2012 Standard for Mortise Locks and Latches,” and “ANSI/BHMA A256.25-
2013 Standard for Electrified Locking Devices.”
Fire Rating Listed for pre-prepared manufactured doors and certified for retrofitting existing doors by UL for use on fire doors
having up to a three-hour rating.
a. U.L. Certification: GWVW.R12071 “Accessories for Single-point Locks and Latches and Fire Exit Hardware.”
(UL 10B and 10C)
b. U.L. Listing: GYQS.R11247 “Electrically Controlled Single-point Locks and Latches.” (UL 10B and 10C)
c. Also classified in accordance with Uniform Building Code Standard 7-2, “Fire Test of Door Assemblies” (1997)
Electronics FCC Part 15 Class A and CE directive 89/336/EEC compliant


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