dormakaba c-lever compact door fitting

The dormakaba c-lever compact door fitting combines its innovative design with a wide range of functions for secure, keyless electronic door locking.

dormakaba C Lever Compact

The dormakaba c-lever Compact elegant and functional door fitting.

The c-lever Compact combines award-winning design with a wide range of functions. You can control access precisely for an almost unlimited number of users according to specific places and time periods. You set the
access rights and can change them quickly and flexibly, in standalone or wireless mode.

c-lever compactIntegrable and Wireless

The dormakaba c-lever compact can be integrated into all dormakaba system solutions and supports the latest RFID technologies.
With the selectable wireless function you transmit your access rights from your PC to the door components via radio. Benefit from the advantages in terms of security, programming and maintenance.

Convenient and adaptable

Digitise your access with this electronic door fitting c-lever Compact while continuing to independently use the mechanical master key system. You can carry on using your lever handle and – depending on the installation situation – you can also keep the cylinder and lock. The c-lever Compact is designed for interior doors, for instance in offices, administration areas or in the retail sector.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Contribution to sustainability:  Manufactured from durable materials using resource-efficient design, allowing updates and repairs.

  • Efficient solution: For interior doors – wooden, metal and even glass.

  • Easy cable-free installation: Even in upside down position.

  • Can be combined seamlessly: Large product range in the same high-quality design.

  • Mobile Access function: Users can receive access rights onto their smartphones via the dormakaba app.

Innovative design

The c-lever Compact can be assembled upside down, this is a great benefit for doors in tight spaces, such as glass doors, or doors where the cylinder is located above the lever handle.

Fast installation

Installation is quick and cable-free on interior doors. Existing bores in the door can usually be used: which means the installation is done in just a few minutes.

Easy planning

This electronic door fitting is independent of locks and cylinders. It is therefore suited for customers who would like to change to an electronic access system: replacing a mechanical lever handle turns your existing master key system into electronic access control.


The c-lever Compact is easy to program and suitable both for individual doors or as part of a large access system. Depending on the selected features and administration software, different programming options are available: For example, access rights may be transmitted either remotely from your PC, with the programming device, via App or with the programming card directly to the electronic door lock.

c lever compact

Essential features 

The device software supports all dormakaba system solutions and its functions also include:

  • Number of access media: - with whitelist up to 4,000 - with CardLink or AoC practically unlimited
  • Internal clock and configurable time profiles
  • Time-limited assignment of access rights (validation)
  • Saving of last 2,000 events (can be disabled)


  • Wireless function – c-lever compact.
  • Remote access to your access system, and manage and maintain the c-lever compact from the comfort of your desk.
  • Stylish design combined with a wide range of functions. The compacts innovative design means that it can be installed upside down, which is great for doors in tight spaces.
  • Free choice of lever handle to suit design requirements
  • Wireless functionality


With the c-lever series, you can control access for an almost unlimited number of users for specific locations and times, while continuing to use the mechanical master key system completely independently. The RFID access media can also be used for other applications that you have already introduced in your organisation.

The c-lever compact is a smart solution for:

  • glass and internal doors
  • innovative patented design including a housing that can be rotated

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Supported RFID Standards
LEGIC (advant & prime)
MIFARE (DESFire & Classic)
OSS-SO version 2021-06 (LEGIC advant, MIFARE DESFire)
Standard, half
Black or white cover
Choice of lever handle designs
54.7 x 122.8 x 21.9 mm (W x H x D) min. Backset 30 mm, dependent on door and lock
Power supply
2 batteries 1.5V AAA L92, FR03
Environment/service life
Temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Protection class IP54
Humidity 0 to 95 %, non-condensing
Battery life at 20 °C up to 60,000 cycles or up to 3 years
Building hardware EN 1906 application class 3
Fire safety DIN 18273 (tested in accordance with EN 1634-1)
Emergency exit EN 179 (in combination with appropriate lever handles and locks)
Environmental product declaration
Declaration number EPD-DOR-20210339-CBA1-EN


Need help specifying your dormakaba door lock?

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