Benefits of audio in the education sector

From Public Address to a support for learning, using audio in schools can help in different ways. Starting from the school gates to inside the classrooms.

In a traditional school audio system - one system is for public address and another for visual or media use. For optimum efficiency in schools there are now combined systems which use network audio systems, this brings new opportunities for schools to consider. Using network audio has enhanced the traditional audio systems functions and opened opportunity for use throughout the entire school grounds and campus in a more efficient way.

Axis Network Audio SpeakerHow do you use Public Address with ultimate flexability in a school?

Broadcasting messages to the students/teachers is a main function of audio in the education sector. public address plays a central role in the structure of a school day for example using scheduled announcements that signify the start/end if the day, break times and assembly.

Smart zoning adds another functionality to public address , it allows administrators to make announcements to be targetted to specific areas of the school. Using network audio makes it easy to change the zones and content at anytime.

For even more specific zone announcements e.g. an individual teacher/student, the administrator can target specific classrooms or areas of a school. This makes administrators less tied to an office than before, as the audio ability is now enabled via a phone/mobile device.

If an emergency arises and it requires a lockdown or evacuation - pre-recorded announcements can give calm instructions that help prevent panic and confusion. It also ensures staff and students take the approriate actions to keep safe and secure.

Axis Audio used in Schools

How to use network audio as a learning resource

As well as network audio being used for PA and emergenices for the daily workings of the school, it can also be used in the classroom as a learning tool.

Audio in a classroom has been around since the 1970's with the use of audio cassettes. Audio is a great method for engaging students with information, it is a quick and cost effective different option to text to connect with the students.

By using network audio in a classroom it allows more interactive content to be used to teach children. For example teachers can connect PCs, tablets or smartphones to amplify lectures and broadcast media through classroom speakers. As well as being used to play background music in hallways etc.

Eventhough the audio and public address system use the same speakers important messages and announcements will not be missed, this is down to having overrides set up.

Why do we need audio in education?

Audio is powerful and a cost effective way of management of a school, it enhances students safety. It is cost effective as the new network audio systems can easily be updated or added to unlinke traditional audio systems.

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