Are expensive HDMI cables better?

Do expensive hdmi cables make any difference? The HowToAV team takes a look at how the HDMI technology works and demistifying how expensive HDMI leads differ from a reasonably priced alternative.

HDMI cables are available to buy at most electrical retailers, supermarkers, AV specialists and online. They vary in cost starting from around £3.00 to over £100. Some retailers recommend high priced HDMI leads and label them 'higher definition'. HowtoAV has the reason behind why this simply isn't true.

Are expensive HDMI cables better?

A good quality 1m - 5m cable costing £5 - £10 will give you exactly the same picture and sound results as would a £100 1m - 5m HDMI cable. The reason being is that the technology behind HDMI is digital. 

How does HDMI technology work?

Unlike previous analogue devices where the quality of the cable could affect signal performance, HDMI cable signals are made up of digital code ones and zeros. So the HDMI cable will simply work or not! Regardless of the cable costing £100 or lower you will get the same zeros and ones from the HDMI lead.

Is paying more for HDMI cables going to give me better AV signal?

The quality of your AV system is based on the quality of your source device and the media it is playing as well as the quality of the display screen or TV you are viewing on. 

If you need a cable greater in length for example 5-10 meters these are available around £20-£30 and should not cost anymore than this. For distances more than 10 meters a range of solutions are available to extend your HDMI signal.

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