Discover the next generation of fingerprint activated access control with the advanced biometric entry solution, Freevolt S-KEY.

S-Key biometric fingerprint access card

What is the Freevolt S-KEY fingerprint activated access control card?

Freevolt S-KEY biometric card with STid readerBy embedding high security, fingerprint reader technology within the credential card itself, Freevolt S-KEY allows existing access reader systems to be 'upgraded' to multi-factor, biometric authentication without altering the reader hardware or accesscontrol infrastructure.

Traditional access cards present several security vulnerabilities. They can easily be lost, stolen, cloned or borrowed granting unauthorised access potentially compromising sensitive areas or information. Even two factor authentication like PIN numbers can easily be copied or shared, compromising its effectiveness.

These limitations highlight the need for more robust authentication methods. S-KEY's fingerprint verification eliminates these vulnerabilities, offering enhanced security.




What are the advantages of S-KEY?

Cost effectiveness:

  • Works seamlessly with existing access control systems, avoiding expensive infrastructure upgrades

  • Significantly cheaper than installing traditional biometric wall readers

Enhanced security:

  • Eliminates 'lost card' access risks by requiring fingerprint verification
  • Biometric data stays on the card, ensuring GDPR compliance and better privacy
  • Can be used as two-factor authentication for additional security layers

Convenience and hygiene:

  • Contactless access with fast fingerprint authentication
  • Battery-less design for sustainable and long-lasting use

Scalability and versatility:

  • Compatible with various access control solutions and NFC readers
  • Available in NXP MIFARE or LEGIC versions for broader integration

Additional benefits:

  • Hygienic, touch-free access
  • Scalable solution for growing organisations
  • S-Key works with all major access control solutions

How to authenticate with S-KEY

Freevolt S-KEY biometric card - how it works

  1. Your registered Freevolt S-KEY Card features an on-board fingerprint scanner which, in conjunction with the card's RFID frequency, acts as a dual-factor credential for increased-security, biometric authentication.
    Simply hold your finger on the scan zone of your registered S-KEY card.
  2. Tap your S-KEY card on the access reader to authenticate. (Compatible will all leading brand access readsers)
  3. The access reader will authenticate the user and allow unlocking of the door lock or barrier.

How does the Freevolt S-KEY biometric access card work?



S-KEY performance highlights

image of the S-Key card, showing each layer that makes it

Connect access to a person’s fingerprint and eliminate the security risk of lost or stolen cards – with no additional infrastructure costs.

Experience seamless integration, improved security and effortless scalability, all while protecting user privacy and ensuring GDPR compliance. Upgrade your access system today for a more secure and hygienic future. 

Why use an S-KEY card?

Recent studies have revealed a reality: 4-digit PINs, the most common two-factor authentication for access control, are simply not secure enough. In fact, biometric access, like that offered by S-Key, has been shown to be five times more secure, significantly raising your organisation's security.

The benefit of S-KEY lies in its ability to achieve this enhanced security without requiring costly infrastructure upgrades. It integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems, eliminating the need for disruptive and expensive overhauls.

Business Benefits

  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure: ISO14443 (NFC) compliant
  • Removed risk of biometric data loss from centralised databases & improved employee consent
  • Easy GDPR compliance without any central databases of biometric data
  • Elimination of security risk with lost cards
  • No single dependency on expensive vendor-specific hardware installations
  • Lifetime Warranty and easier WEEE disposal
  • Customisable using professional bureau service or re-transfer printers

Employee Benefits

  • Verification of your identity without touching readers or PIN pads
  • Biometric data in the card only as hashed value outside hacker reach
  • Convenient and user-friendly solution
  • Reduced concern around centralised databases with biometric data

Where to buy Freevolt S-KEY in the UK

CIE-Group is a principal UK distributor of the revolutionary Freevolt S-KEY biometric credential cards for access control.

If you would like to discuss your next Access Control system or would like more information on the latest S-KEY solution, please call our team today on: 0115 9770075 or email us now: [email protected].

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