CIE provides free Audio-over-IP innovative training course for AV professionals.

Our team of AV and technology experts can provide a custom training session to meet your needs at our new training facility in Nottingham.

This training course - Audio-over-I.P. Installation Essentials - provides a hands-on introduction to the brand new Axis range of I.P. connected Audio solutions and delivers a detailed, interactive understanding of the specification, configuration and installation of the latest solutions for public address and background music over an I.P. network.

Ideal for security, telecoms and AV professionals either looking to add professional audio systems design and installation to their portfolio/skillset or for audio professionals looking to migrate from analogue to I.P. audio systems.

Audio-over-IP Training AcademyCourse Content

This course - Audio-over-IP System Essentials - provides an in-depth understanding of public address and background music systems and their migration from conventional analogue (100v line and low impedance) to Audio-over-IP distribution.

This training course is made up of two sessions.

The beginner session will address the 'basics of public address / background music' system design and installation - allowing installers and system designers who might be new to audio (such as security / telecoms installers/integrators) to understand audio system components, sound & acoustics and the effects of different applications / environments.

The intermediate session will then apply the essentials of distributed sound to the latest in network audio technology (also known as audio-over-IP); explaining how this latest technology works, differs and can be integrated with conventional audio, as well as covering the different protocols and standards.

Using hands-on demonstrations and real-life project examples, this free professional training academy will also demystify the secrets of I.T. networks and the proliferation of the AVIT relationship.

These sessions offer a balance of hands-on product demonstrations, project analysis and configuration guidance to ensure that delegates complete the course confident in their ability to specify and install high quality Audio-over-IP solutions as part of a professional public address and background music system.

Our team of experts will also demonstrate the full range of AXIS network audio solutions.
Attending delegates will benefit from exclusive introductory special offers on the AXIS range and, on the day, will be treated to free lunch and refreshments throughout the course.

Atendee Achievements(beginner Session):

  • Understand the components of an analogue audio system and system topology
  • Learn the different types of loudspeakers & microphones and their applications
  • Understand how environment and acoustics affects sound reproduction
  • Understand calculation of loudspeaker loads and compatible amplification
  • Learn the differences between 100v line and low impedance audio systems
  • Investigate integration with other communication systems (such as CCTV, telephony and induction loops)

Atendee Achievements (intermediate Session):

  • Understand how I.P. technology is revolutionising professional audio system design & installation
  • Understand the protocols and standards of I.P. networks relevant to audio systems
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to specify and configure a fully-integrated Audio-over-IP system
  • Decipher I.T. and network terminology and protocols
  • Experience a first-hand practical Axis Audio-over-IP solution using live project examples
  • Gain a hands-on knowledge of the Axis IP Audio product range and the ability to accurately specify products and total system solutions

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