Twinings Tea - Public Address System

Twinings Tea, the UK's leading brand for premium teas, wanted a complete new background music & paging system to communicate to and entertain the staff.

Location:    Andover, Hampshire
Client:         Twinings Tea
Integrator:  Midland Communications


Trading since 1706, Twinings Tea is the UK’s leading brand for premium teas and now offers more than 100 varieties all over the world.

For the past 50 years, Twinings Tea has been blended and packaged at their main Andover factory which employs the majority of the Company’s 1000 employees.

Customer Requirements:

As part of the Company’s manufacturing redevelopment programme and to support the introduction of the factory’s new automated packaging line, UK integrators Midland Communications were asked to specify and install a complete new background music and paging system to communicate to and entertain the staff throughout the entire complex.

The Solution:

Midland Communications called upon the expertise of CIE's AV Projects Team to specify and supply a complete public address and background music system, powered by an InterM audio rack designed and built by the CIE in-house team.

The Twinings Tea PA Rack features InterM’s QD range of multi-channel amplifiers, allowing for multiple source and level control to each of the individual zones throughout the factory. The rack also includes CIE’s Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit which is loaded with a series of pre-recorded staff messages and tones which can be activated via NO/NC switches or desktop paging microphones.

The loudspeakers specified and supplied by CIE were chosen dependent on the space and ambient noise levels of the different areas of the building. A mix of Projector, Horn and Suspended speakers were specified for the production and packaging areas where clear voice and music reproduction has to compete with high ambient noise levels; whereas in quieter areas of the building (such as offices and canteen, etc) IC Audio Wall Speakers and Ceiling Speakers were chosen to provide a wider-frequency, better tone of audio reproduction.

PA/BGM Rack Build Specification:

- CIE-Group AV Rack Design & Build Service
- InterM QD-4960
- InterM OT-4960

- InterM QD-4480
- InterM OT-4480
- Clever Little Box LB-5A
- Baldwin Boxall BT-8 Store & Forward Zoning Interface

Loudspeaker Specification:

- IC Audio DAS10-130T Sound Projectors
- IC Audio WA06-165T Wall Speakers
- IC Audio DL06-165T Ceiling Speakers
- Majorcom IMC250T Suspended Ball Speakers
- InterM CU900 Series Column Speakers
- InterM HS-20 Horn Speakers

Products used in this project

CIE - PA/AV System Rack Build & Design
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Inter-M - OT-4960 Transformer Unit
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Inter-M - OT-4480 Transformer Unit
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Clever Little Box - LB-5A Digital Audio Storage & Replay Unit
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Baldwin Boxall - BT-8 Store/Forward Zoning Interface
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IC Audio - DAS10-130T-EN54 Voice/Music Projector
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IC Audio - WA06-165T 6W White Wallmount Loudspeaker
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IC Audio - DL06-165T Fast Fix System
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InterM - CU900 Series Column Speakers
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Inter-M - HS-20 20, 10W 100v Horn Loudspeaker
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