Thornwood Gardens - 2N IP Intercom and Access Control System

Thornwood Gardens prime residential development featuring the latest in contactless access control and door intercom technology from 2N.

Location:    Thornwood Gardens, London
Client:         Residents of Thornwood Gardens
Integrator:  iQual



Thornwood Gardens Luxury Estate

Thornwood Gardens is one of London's luxury residential developments; featuring 36 exclusive apartments and 8 luxury private houses quietly concealed in the opulent gated grounds of this luxury central London location. These high specification contemporary apartments and houses offer luxury living with 24 hour concierge services and the latest in security and access systems.

"We're looking to create a space that everyone can enjoy 24 hours a day; security is very much at the top of that list."

Laurie Bellew
Property Manager, Thornwood Gardens

System Requirements: 

Located in the city's Royal Borough of Kensington: one of London's most exclusive and sought-after districts; this MDU development demanded the highest specification of privacy and security, combined with style and technology.
Requiring the replacement of a legacy analogue access control system, whilst making use of the existing network cable infrastructure, an IP-connected system provided the ideal solution. These requirements were the driving influences in choosing a fully-integrated 2N door intercom and access control system throughout the development.

The Solution:

Thornwood Gardens uses 2N IP Style door intercomIP infrastructure specialists - iQual - worked in partnership with CIE’s in-house team of system designers to specify a replacement intercom and access control system using the market-leading 2N range of Verso Modular Intercoms, Indoor View Answering UnitsAccess Unit 2.0 readers, IP Solo Door Intercom Units and IP Style Door Intercoms.

Internally, each of the apartments and houses at Thornwood Gardens is fitted with the 2N luxury Indoor View answering panel which allows high-definition video and audio communication with visitors or concierge using the outdoor intercom device to call the apartment. These stylish touchscreen answering units enable residents to quickly allow access to visitors, simply via the touch of a button on the Indoor View's touchscreen panel.

In addition, for any residents installing home automation devices into their apartments, the 2N Indoor View can be fully integrated with platforms such as Control4, Savant, RTi or Crestron.

Thornwood Gardens

2N IP Verso Modular Door Intercom in silverExternally, the access system comprises a series of IP Verso Intercoms, IP Solo and the flagship 2N IP Style. Positioned at the main entrances, lobby and car park access - the Verso Intercom devices feature HD colour camera, microphone and speaker for direct communication between visitors and residents. Together with Bluetooth & RFID authentication, the Verso's touchscreen Digital Phonebook/Keypad Module can be fully programmed with resident names and apartment numbers; allowing visitors to easily search and dial the correct residence.

The Thornwood Gardens security system also features 2N IP Solo and 2N Access Units which provide residents and service staff with fast and easy smartphone or PIN entry to communal areas such as resident car park, bicycle and refuse stores.

"With the new 2N equipment, the sound and image quality was enhanced tremendously... The new WaveKey technology allows residents to use their mobile phone to access doors." 

Paul Blundell, iQual

Thornwood Gardens


- 2N 9157101 IP Style Digital Touchscreen Door Intercom with Bluetooth and RFID
- 2N 9155101CB IP Verso Modular Door Intercom with camera
- 2N 9155036 Verso Digital Phone Book & Keypad Module
- 2N 9155082 Verso Bluetooth & RFID Module
- 2N 9155046 Verso Bluetooth Module
- 2N 9155301CF IP Solo Door Intercom Unit - with camera
- 2N 91378601WH  Indoor View - 7" Touchscreen Digital Answering Unit, white
- 2N 9160335 IP Access Unit 2.0 with Bluetooth and RFID
- 2N 916016 IP Access Unit with Digital Keypad
- 2N Access Commander system administration interface

Project System Architecture:

Thornwood Gardens Project System Architecture

What is the 2N IP Style?

Taking pride of place as part of the Thornwood Gardens system, 2N’s flagship IP Style features a contemporary design and 10′′ high-definition, colour display with the capabilities to offer different office and residential screens making it the ideal access control solution for apartment buildings, MDUs, co-working office spaces and gated communities.

The IP Style includes RFID or secured RFID, Bluetooth, QR Code access and Smart PIN keypad authentication methods. The IP Style also supports 2N's WaveKey Bluetooth contactless verification for ultra-fast and ultra-secure access via smartphone.

With IP65 and IK08 protection ratings, the 2N IP St suitable for both indoor and outdoor location.

What is 2N Wavekey?

2N Wave Key

2N Wavekey is a Bluetooth-based mobile access technology that gives building owners and users safer options for accessing and reconfiguring the office or a residential space.

There are 4 different authentication methods to use Wavekey, these are touch mode, contactless tap mode, motion mode and card mode.

  1. Touch mode ensures absolute convenience. Users only touch the reader with their hand or elbow and leave their phone in their pocket.
  2. Contactless tap in app mode offers greater security. Users must disable any lock screen, and open the door via a virtual button in the app. This is also an ideal way to open the exit gate from a car park while sitting in the car.
  3. Motion mode is completely contactless. All you have to do is approach the video intercom with the phone in your pocket or wave your hand over its camera and the door will open.
  4. Card mode allows the phone works as a 'key card', and the user has to place it right next to the reader. This is similar to the popular NFC technology, but with WaveKey, it works with Android and iOS phones.


Akuvox X933H smart sensor solution for supported housing

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Products used in this project

2N - IP Verso Modular Door Intercom with camera
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2N - 9155301CS IP Solo Intercom
view product
2N - 9157101 IP Style Digital Touchscreen Door Intercom
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2N - 91550945 IP Verso Module - Bluetooth RFID, PICard compatible
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2N - 91550946 IP Verso Module - Touch Keypad, RFID, PICard compatible
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2N - Indoor View intercom answering panel
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