Singleton Birch Quarry - 2N IP Force Intercoms

Leading commercial lime & chalk products provider - Singleton Birch - chooses 2N IP Force Intercoms from stone quarry access control.

Location:    North Lincolnshire
Client:         Singleton Birch Ltd
Installer:    Alert Systems


Singleton Birch uses 2N IP Force intercoms for vehicle access controlClient

Singleton Birch is a leading provider of lime, chalk and aggregate materials to the steel, building, chemicals and environmental industries.  From it's North Lincolnshire-based quarry site, the company produces up to 400,000 tonnes of lime and more than 1,000,000 tonnes of chalk each year..

System requirements

With multiple entry and exit points for constant heavy haulage traffic, the Singleton Birch quarries site required an intercom and access control system which would stand-up to the rigors of such a high-impact environment.

Not only did the system need to be extremely durable to contend with the environmental demands, it also needed to perform in extreme ambient noise conditions to ensure that drivers and visitors can hear and be heard over the intercom.

2N IP Force robust intercom with RFID card readerThe Solution - 2N IP Intercoms

In conjunction with CIE's specialist 2N Intercom system design team, security integrators Alert Systems specified and installed an IP-connected Intercom and Access Control System utilising the 2N range of IP Force robust intercom units - arguably the toughest, most durable intercoms devices in today's market.

Various 2N IP Force Intercom models were specified to service the differing access and authentication requirements of different areas - including vehicle barriers, weigh stations and staff entry/exit points. The Force models allowed different access authentication types including contactless RFID cards, PIN access codes and intercom video calls to speak with the security office.

Being an IP-based system, all endpoints are connected via standard Ethernet cable infrastructure and - as the system supports PoE (power-over-Ethernet) - this significantly reduced the cabling and installation costs of connection throughout the site.

2N IP Force Vnndal resistant Intercoms from CIE

Dual height intercom points

2N Force Intercoms mounted on dual mount gooseneckAs the vehicle entry points are used both by haulage trucks and staff cars, the intercom system required dual height positioning. Therefore, a series of dual-position gooseneck stands were applied to locate the Force Intercoms at the two different required door heights.

Why choose 2N IP Force Intercoms?

The lime quarry location of Singleton Birch results in some extreme environmental factors - high levels of dust and stone throw, increased exposure to weather conditions and a need for frequent high-pressure jet washing.
In such conditions, most 'standard' intercom devices simply would not be robust enough. However with an ingress protection rating of IP69 and an outstanding IK10 impact protection rating, the 2N IP Force range is designed to cope with just such high-impact surroundings.

In addition the extremely high ambient noise levels of the quarry are addressed by the IP Force's up-rated loudspeakers and microphones, which provide greatly increased performance compared with standard domestic intercom devices.


- 10 x  2N 9151101RW   Force IP Intercom | 1 call button, 10W speaker
- 14 x  2N 9151011  125KHz RFID Card Reader Module
- 2 x  2N 9151102RW  Force IP Intercom | 2 call buttons, 10W speaker
- 2 x  2N 9151102CRW  Force IP Intercom | Camera, 2 call buttons, 10W speaker

- 1 x  2N 9151101KW  Force IP Intercom | 1 call button, keypad, 10W speaker
- 1 x  2N 9151101CRPW  Force IP Intercom | Camera, 1 call button, 10W speaker
- 4 x  2N 9151005  Gooseneck Intercom Stand
- 4 x  2N 9151007  Dual Position Gooseneck Intercom Stand



CIE system design team for IP intercoms and access controlLet the CIE system design team help with your next Intercom or Access Control project

CIE is the leading UK supply partner for the 2N IP Intercom product range. Our expert team of system designers and specifiers would be happy to assist and advise with any door intercom or access control projects; please call the team on T. 0115 9770075 or email [email protected]

Products used in this project

2N - 9151101CRP Helios IP Force - 1 button & camera, pictograms card reader ready
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2N 9151011 RFID Card Reader Module
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2N 9151102CRW IP Force Intercom - 2 call buttons, camera, 10W speaker
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2N 9151101KW IP Force Intercom - 1 call button, keypad, 10W speaker
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2N 9151007 Intercom Gooseneck Post - twin mount
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