Setting up DTMF codes for the Akuvox X912

CIE's Ryan Flack demonstrates how to quickly and easily set the DTMF Codes of the Akuvox X912.

How to set up DTMF codes for the Akuvox X912

  1. Log on to the web interface using the IP address of the device.
  2. Once logged in and on the home page, navigate to the 'Access control', and then 'Relay'. Here is where you find the DTMF settings.
  3. Here you change DTMF settings from 1Digit DTMF up to 4Digits DTMF. And for the DTMF code you can use 0 through to 9, Star (*) and also Hash (#).
  4. Once you've picked your digit, click 'Submit' and it's ready for you to use.
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