What is the future of 4K UHD? - Part 4 of 4

Part 4 of 4 from 'Understanding 4k UHD'. HowToAV welcomes AV integration expert Neil Walton from CYP to discuss 4k UHD / Ultra High Definition video content.

What sources can I plug into my 4K UHD Television?

  • Sony 4K Media Streamer
  • Amazon 4K Media Streamer
  • BT Sport UHD
  • Netflix Media Streamer
  • In the commercial market - digital signage players that are 4K, this is where you will probably see the benefit of 4K the most.
  • In the near future 4K Blu-ray players - this will probably drive the market even more because a lot of the other products rely on bandwidth because you have to stream the content. Where as once you can buy a product like 4K Blue-ray player, you can then own 4K content.

What do you think the future is for display standards?

HDR - High Dynamic Range: a way of presenting video with more luminance, more contrast and more colours.

8K - "Something in the future I think will develop with 8K."

Comparing full HD UHD 4k 8k 10k formats

What  is 8K?

4K footage has 8 megapixels 8K triples this, which takes displays up to a full 32 megapixels per frame. Meaning that we will get a display resolution of 8K horizontally and 6K vertically – for viewers with 20/20 vision, this creates a resolution that is technically perfect. Beyond this, we are incapable of perceiving much more detail, putting us on a scale of ever diminishing returns.

Featured Products

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