How to schedule messages and tones | TU-8A

Clever Little Box TU-8A 8 Channel Digital Timer Unit for scheduled messages and tones in class change, staff change and audio messaging.

What is the TU-8A?

The Clever Little Box TU-8A is an 8 channel Digital Timer device designed to provide programmed weekly event switching of eight independent relay outputs. Controlling devices such as Bell timing, class change signal generators, shift start/stop tone generators and more. The TU-8A provides normal open or normal closed relay contacts to each of its eight relay outputs and support switching of up to 64 events per day - 32 on and 32 off.

What applications is the TU-8A best for?

The TU-8A is ideal for: education industry and retail applications where the schedule broadcast of tones, messages, alarms or recorded audio files is required on an ongoing repetitious basis.

Using the TU-8A for scheduled class change and audio messaging?

The TU-8A is ideal for use in conjunction with its partner product the Clever Little Box LB-8A digital audio storage unit to provide scheduled tones, alarms and pre-recorded audio for applications such as class change, shift change and audio messaging or audio advertising.

Suggested system architecture:

Suggested system architecture:

What are the TU-8A features?

  • 7-day week event switching timer
  • 8 independent relay outputs
  • Normal Open (NO) or Normal Closed (NC) relay contacts
  • Supports up to 64 scheduled events per day (32 On and 32 Off)
  • Event manual override facility
  • Daylight saving time compensation
  • Clock tuning facility for time accuracy adjustment
  • Easy access phoenix connectors per relay output and power connectivity
  • Compact, robust steel case / Surface or rack mountable
  • Clear blue LCD display screen
  • 12v DC powered (plugtop PSU supplied with product)
  • Onboard memory maintains time and program settings for approx. 7 days in event of power loss


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