Top Tips for AV-over-IP system deployment

The HowToAV team talks to NetGear network switch expert Laurent Masia for his top tips on AV-over-IP system deployment.

What is AV-over-IP?

AV over IP (Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol) is the transmission of audio-visual data over a network for example WAN, LAN or the internet. In comparison to conventional analogue AV environments, AV over IP refers to the use of standard network equipment to switch and transmit video and audio siganls.

What do I need to consider before installing an AV-over-IP system?

You need to consider the network infrastructure and the bandwidth. These are key to a successful video-over-IP ethernet system.

Why is Bandwidth important in AV-over-IP system deployment?

Bandwidth is important because in terms of video-over-IP technology some rely on 1GB ethernet speeds and others 10GB. The bandwidth guides the installer on which kind of IT infrastructure is needed.

What else is a big requirement for any kind ov AV-over-IP system technology?

Multi-cast is another big requirement. Video-over-IP must be multi-cast, it can also be unicast ot broadcast communication. Multi-cast will guide the design of a network because it is a strong requirement.

Do I require some form of IT based knowledge on this technology?

From a switch stand point it doesn't matter about having IT based knowledge on this technology. Whatever comes out of the AV-over-IP encoders and de-coders is based all on codex. The switch will move packets fast and reliably. So the connects are not important.

Is it important if I have requirements about latency?

No, because in terms of the IT infrastructure any given switch will measure latency in micro-seconds. Which is totally irrelevant for any kind of AV application, a microsecond is a millisecond divided by a thousand. So even if there are requirements for latency or not the switch will remain the same. free audio visual training channelGot a question for CIE's HowToAV team?.. provides a whole host of tips, tricks and technology know-how for the professional audio visual industry.
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