What are SDVoE products?

HowToAV speaks to NETGEARS Laurent Masia about the latest in Video-over-IP platforms - SDVoE (Software Defined Video over Ethernet).

SDVoE HDMI over Fibre Receiver available at CIE GroupWhat is SDVoE?

SDVoE Alliance SDVoE (Software Defined Video-over-Ethernet) is a platform for AV of which solutions can be built. Providing an AV platform means programmers, manufacturers and software engineers can use it to analyse customer’s needs in order to build new and interesting applications.

What is the SDVoE Alliance?

The SDVoE Alliance is a none profit organisation who want to standardise the delivery of AV-over-IP networks. It is all about Video-over-IP with a combination of technology providers working together in and around the world such as the 6 top founders of the SDVoE Alliance Semtech, Aquantia, Christie Digital, NETGEAR, Sony and ZeeVee.

What are SDVoE products?

SDVoE products are a technology put together by various companies working together in the SDVoE aliiance, with the goal to eventually become a platform as a standard of AV delivery.

There are hundreds of different AV-over-IP technologies. In the audio world, the IT world converged creating some strong standards such as AVB or Dante. Where as for video, this did not happen. The most likely reason this did not happen in video is because of bandwidth and the 1GB typical speed. As a networking speed 1GB is not enough to accomodate such convergence. So this causes a cost because to reduce a huge amount of video frames for example if it is 4K, HDR or 4x4x4 this requires heavy compression. This also means high latency because it requires a lot of power which causes some degration in terms of image quality.

The one technology that gets rid of the bandwidth requirements and latency is SDVoE technology.There is also no cost as they don't compress the video but when they need to do it, is done very lightly. The image quality with SDVoE technology is also perfect. The SDVoE products aim is to reshape the AV world.

SDVoE products available from CIE:

CYP - SDV-FTX - SDVoE 18 Gbps HDMI / DisplayPort over Fiber Transmitter

CYP - SDV-FRX - SDVoE 18 Gbps HDMI / DisplayPort over Fiber Receiver

CYP - SDV-FTRX - SDV-FTRX SDVoE 4KUHD (6G) HDMI over Fiber Transceiver

CYP - SDV-CTRX - SDVoE 4KUHD (6G) HDMI over CAT (10G) Transceiver

CYP - SDV-CS8 - SDVoE IP Controller


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