What is a Dante Audio Network?

Tom Colman of Shure UK explains the many advantages of using a digital Dante Audio Network rather than more traditional analogue networks.

Dante audio over network transceiver available at CIE GroupWhat is Dante Audio?

Previously traditional analogue networks have been used to connect devices together. For example a microphone, mixer, amplifier and loudspeaker would be connected together via a fixed copper route between all of the devices. The flexibility cannot be easily changed. Dante Audio Networks allow the whole system set up to become much more flexible.
Dante which is a digital protocol provides a much more flexible route between the various devices. This means that devices can be up on the network and the Dante transmitter can be received by several other Dante receivers.

What are the Advantages of Dante Audio?

There are several benefits of using Dante Audio Networks rather than traditional analogue networks:

  • Many manufacturers produce Dante-enabled devices, this means that one Dante device can link with another Dante device and which can also link to another Dante device very quickly and easily.
  • All of the devices communicate with each other on the network rather than having to unplug the channel from the multicord and plug it into another channel. Instead, virtual Y splits can be created all over the place; the patch from one device can be changed over to another device at the touch of a button.
  • IP routes can be made between the devices onsite and also remote offices where the system can be permanently managed and monitored by an IT team to ensure the system is working properly.

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