What is SDVoE?

CIE' s HowToAV.tv talks to SDVoE President, Justin Kennington, as the SDVoE Alliance introduces this new video-over-IP platform to the European market for the first time.

What is SDVoE?

SDVoE AllianceSDVoE (Software Defined Video-over-Ethernet) is the latest high-performance, software-based AV-over-IP platform for control and distribution of audio visual systems of a Ethernet/Fiber networks. Providing a software-based AV platform allows programmers, manufacturers and software engineers to analyse customers' needs in order to build new and interesting applications.

What is the future of SDVoE?

It is inevitable that Ethernet/IP will be used for all signal management especially audio and video signals in the future of the AV industry. Changing AV distribution to IP creates plenty of new possibilities in architectures and user experiences. SDVoE network architectures are based on off-the-shelf Ethernet switches – meaning efficient savings as well as better flexibility and scalability over traditional methods.

SDVoE provides full stack solution for audio / video over I.P.

SDVoE 7 layers full stackSDVoE (Software Defined Video over Ethernet) provides the only true standard platform AV-over-IP 'full stack solution'.
Whereas other AV-over-IP transmission standards support some of the OSI 7 layers, only SDVoE addresses the full 7-layer stack; Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application.
This latest AV over Ethernet technology takes the very best of I.T. data transmission (TIS-568 cable plants, Ethernet, TCP/IP and IGMP) and applies it to the most flexible, high performance Audio Visual signal transmission & control that is the SDVoE platform.

SDVoE Session Management:

Addresses how an SDVoE controller will manage actions such as which AV Source device will broadcast on which multicast address, or which Display devices subscribe to the various audio and video feeds.

SDVoE Adaptive Clock Resynchronisation:

Addresses how SDVoE devices encode/decode HDMI AV signals. SDVoE converts to and from network stream (for Layers 1~4).


Though technically this fits within Layer 7 (Application), the SDVoE API effectively provides the user interface between the Application Layer and all layers below it.
The SDVoE API allows AV product manufacturers, developers and system integrators to reimagine and redesign conventional AV user interfaces and invent UI / control systems not yet thought of prior to the development of this new AV-over-IP platform.

SDVoE virtual AV Switch / Controller / Processor capabilities:

The SDVoE platform allows system designers and integrators to enable and develop new applications to provide 'virtual' matrix switches, KVM switches, videowall controllers and multi-view image processors.
Therefore, SDVoE technology will create new classes of AV control applications, eliminating the need for matrix/switch/control hardware devices.

Software Defined Video over Ethernet Specifications

Some of the key specifications of SDVoE technology include:

  • Zero-latency AV-over-IP solution for AV equipment (under 100 microseconds / 1/150th of a video frame)
  • Full stack, 7-later solution - providing an approach to every layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) network model from physical infrastructure to API (application programming interface)
  • Comprehensive API provides simple interface to control complex AV system tasks such as video routing, scaling, aspect ratio management, video wall processing, image compositing, audio downsizing, etc.
  • Fully uncompressed transmission for HD and 4K AV signals
  • HDMI video transmission up to full 4K60
  • Multi-channel audio and independent audio routing
  • RS-232 and IR control signal suppport
  • 1Gbps embedded Ethernet support

SDV-FRX available at CIE GroupWhich markets would benefit from SDVoE technology?

• Education
• Healthcare
• Enterprise
• Industrial
• Entertainment
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Security
• Houses of worship
• Government
• Military

What is the SDVoE Alliance?

The SDVoE Alliance is a combination of technology providers working together to standardise Ethernet to transport AV signals in the professional AV industry, and to create an ecosystem around SDVoE technology allowing software to define AV applications. The 6 founding members of the SDVoE Alliance are Semtech, Aquantia, Christie Digital, NETGEAR, Sony and ZeeVee.

Even with the first 6 members of the alliance you can see the breath of the eco-system. It’s not just encoders and decoders, it’s the displays, the network infrastructure and of course the core hardware and software technologies.

What is the Alliance's plan for education?

Education is a huge part of the alliances mission. They recognise there is a knowledge gap between an experienced AV integrator and what they need to know and understand to live in an IT world. It is important to have the knowledge as an AV integrator so that you can understand how to communicate with the IT guys. Understanding the IT language and collaborating from the begining with the IT guys in an AV installation process leads to a successful journey and end product.

SDVoE products available from CIE:

CYP - SDV-FTX - SDVoE 18 Gbps HDMI / DisplayPort over Fiber Transmitter

CYP - SDV-FRX - SDVoE 18 Gbps HDMI / DisplayPort over Fiber Receiver

CYP - SDV-FTRX - SDV-FTRX SDVoE 4KUHD (6G) HDMI over Fiber Transceiver

CYP - SDV-CTRX - SDVoE 4KUHD (6G) HDMI over CAT (10G) Transceiver

CYP - SDV-CS8 - SDVoE IP Controller

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