Axis C1410 supports automated messaging for social-distancing and COVID-secure procedures

The Axis C1410 IP Speaker features PIR sensor to trigger pre-recorded, on-board messages; an ideal solution for reminfding staff, customers, visitors and students of post-lockdwon, COVID-secure practices and procedures.

Reminding people of safe social distancing practices

As part of the easing of lockdown - particularly in retail, hospitality and schools - ensuring clear, regular guidance for customers, staff, visitors or students on safe social distancing practices is key to ensuring everyone's safety and wellbeing.

The latest Axis C1410 IP Speaker provides the ideal solution for triggered, automated messages to remind people of social distancing and COVID-Secure practices and procedures. This latest wallmount version of the Axis network speaker range now features a built-in PIR, which allows for automated, pre-recorded messages to be played whenever someone passes by and triggers the PIR.

Axis C1410 Network Speaker with PIR sensorSo when staff, visitors, students, etc pass the speaker, the PIR sensor can trigger a single or series of pre-recorded messages which could be reminders to 'follow safe social-distancig practices', reminders to 'follow the one-way system', 'stay 2 metres apart' or simply to 'read the COVID-safe procedures in the reception area', for example.

The C1410 Network Speaker can be set to replay one or many messages in a series, as well as setting frequencies of replay to ensure the same message isn't triggered repeatedly by a group of people.

This is a simple and highly effective opportunity to communicate and to remind everyone of best practices to ensure a safe and successful return to normal for all businesses and schools post-lockdown.

Axis C1410 Mini Network Speaker with PIR sensor

This mini IP wall speaker can be connected to any standard Ethernet network and is an all-in-one device - combining loudspeaker, amplifier and signal processing in the one unit - and powered via PoE - so we have audio streaming, power and control of the speaker all via a standard single network cable.

So whether it's for retail, bars, restaurants, hospitals or schools, the new Axis C1410 provides your staff, customers or students with simple, highly effective, automated regular reminders on safe social distancing practices.

Social Distancing recorded messagesAxis C1410 features:

  • Integrated PIR sensor for motion detection
  • Feature-packed IP speaker provides an all-in-one audio solution for indoor applications
  • Connects directly to an IP network using PoE for communication and power
  • Built-in amplifier enabling high sound pressure exceeding 96 dB for the delivery of clear audio
  • All-in-one network speaker system
  • Quick installation with just one network cable (PoE)
  • Scheduled and customized playlists
  • Scheduled or live voice announcements
  • Wall or ceiling mount

Available now from CIE-Group - contact us today to arrange a live product demo either on site or remotely with our Axis IP audio experts.

Pre-recorded COVID-secure social distancing messages

We have a series of pre-recorded COVID-secure social distancing messages available which can be uploaded to your Axis C1410 loudspeakers. Please ask the CIE team for full details.

Click to hear a sample audio message

What is a COVID secure workplace?

COVID Secure - keep 2 metre distanceAs more and more people are returning to work following the easing of lockdown, businesses and places of work are required to ensure that staff and customers are able to operate in a 'COVID-secure' environment.
This requires businesses and facilities to make certain changes and considerations to ensure safe social distancing, hygiene procedures and the use of PPE where required.

Some of these simple COVID-secure measures include staggering arrival and departure time of staff, implementing one-way flow routes through the building, creating 'contactless pathways' through the building (eg. contactless access control, automated door releases, etc) and introducing additional hand sanitizer stations at entry/exit points.

Additionally, ensuring 2 metre distancing throughout through work station layout re-arrangement, reduced staff numbers in closed spaces and clear signage also assist in creating a COVID-secure environment in order to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus through contact in the workplace.

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