Akuvox FacePro face recognition management software

Akuvox FacePro is a simple and comprehensive software for easy management of face data used for the facial recognition function of Akuvox door intercom devices including R29 and X916. With Akuvox FacePro, face data adding/deleting/modifying can be easily managed, as well as mass face data importing.

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Akuvox FacePro software for face recognition data management

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Akuvox FacePro software provides easy management of face recognition data for door intercom devices such as R29 and X916 models.

Akuvox FacePro is a PC software App which allows remote management of face image data for the face recognition authentication function of certain Akuvox door intercom devices.

FacePro is ideal as a 'central point' for data management using a laptop or PC webcam to photograph users and add their face scan and create an account on a single or multiple Akuvox devices.

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Face Recognition Data Management

Akuvox FacePro provides remote management of image and data for facial recognition user accounts.

Image management from webcam

FacePro allows new user accounts to be set up using a photograph directly from a PC / laptop's standard webcam.

Mass data importing

FacePro allows multiple images to be uploaded to create multiple user accounts en mass.

Akuvox FacePro features:

  • Face Recognition authentication data management software
  • Create face recognition accounts from PC laptop using standard webcam
  • Manage user accounts remotely
  • Multiple image / user account uploads
  • Copy face recognition data to multiple door intercom devices

Benefits of face recognition authentication:

  • Hands-free user authentication
  • Improved security
  • Fast, convenient and remote managment of users IDs
  • Keyless door entry
  • Integration with other platforms
  •

Download Settings Manual for Akuvox FacePro software:

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Download Akuvox FacePro Manual

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