New York Bagel Factory: 100v line PA

Producing over 300 million bagels per year, New York Bagel Factory's South Yorkshire production plant gets the CIE Audio treatment to deliver great sound and staff communication over a 100v line and IP intercom combined system.

Location:    Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Client:          New York Bagel Co.
Installer:      WRS

The Client:

CIE PA System at New York BagelNew York Bagel Co. is the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturer of authentic bagel products, producing over 300 million bagels per year from its purpose-built production line in South Yorkshire.

System Requirements:

As part of their latest investment in additional bagel production lines in their South Yorkshire factory, New York Bagel Co. required an upgrade to their factory-wide public address system to overcome the demands of increased noise and higher staff levels throughout the site.
To ensure optimum voice and messaging coverage in the various working spaces, specialist security installers – WRS – called upon the services of CIE’s audio visual systems experts to design and supply a fully integrated site-wide public address solution.

The Solution:

After completing a detailed on-site survey by CIE’s AV Solutions team, our in-house system designers produced a totally integrated PA system combining conventional 100v line distributed audio from our Inter-M range, together with the latest audio-over-IP technology using our 2N range of IP intercoms for remote microphone access.
The New York Bagel factory houses production lines, warehousing, offices and canteen facilities for a staff of over 300 people, requiring significant planning of the audio system in order to achieve best results in a wide range of ambient noise environments.

The final system, designed and supplied by CIE, featured a combination of over 150 horn, ceiling, cabinet and ceiling loudspeakers, connected to a 100v line amplification rack, built in-house by CIE, powered by 4 x Inter-M DPA1200S professional amplifiers.

The system also had a requirement for remote microphone access at ten different points throughout the production area. As these microphones need to be hard wearing and IP-rated for a clean-room environment, 2N’s IP Safety Intercom devices were specified and connected over a standard Cat5e cable infrastructure via the 2N SIP Audio Converter. This allows for any member of staff to page on an ‘all-call’ basis to every member of staff throughout the factory from these high-visibility intercom stations.


New York Bagel factory uses InterM PA system- CIE AV Rack Design & Build Service
- 3 x Inter-M DPA1200S 1200W Power Amplifier
- 1 x Inter-M PP6213 Pre Amplifier
- 1 x Euromet 01511 12U Rack
- 1 x BUD100 Single Zone Desk Microphone
- 118 x Inter-M HS-S20 20W Horn Loudspeaker
- 35 x Inter-M CS-6 6W Ceiling Loudspeaker
- 10 x CLB SPK30W Cabinet Loudspeaker
- 2 x CLB SS40-100 40W Suspended Loudspeaker
- 10 x 2N 9152101W IP Safety Intercom
- 1 x 2N 914401E SIP Audio Converter IP Endpoint

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Products used in this project

2N SIP Audio Converter IP Endpoint
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2N IP Safety Intercom
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Inter-M DPA1200S 1200W Power Amplifier
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Inter-M PP6213 Pre Amplifier
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Inter-M HS-S20 20W Horn Speaker
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CIE - PA/AV System Rack Build & Design
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