Kjell & Company - Audio-over-IP Solution

Kjell & Company upgrades its analogue audio system to an IP system using Axis Communications network audio. A cost effective solution to improve customer experience.

Location:    Sweden
Client:          Kjell & Company
Integrator:  Sales & Merchandising, Store Management


Kjell & Company - latest Axis network audio projectKjell & Company is a Swedish retailer focused on the sale of home electronics and accessories via a chain over 100 stores throughout Sweden and Norway.

The company sells over 10,000 different products in store and online and heavily promotes customer service through creativity and learning with electronics and programming. In order to improve it's in-store communication and makreting, the client required a high-quality integrated public address which could also be used in conjunction with the chain of stores security system. Kjell & Company already had an Axis network camera surveillance system in its Norway and Sweden stores. All the stores use the same system for monitoring the till area, store entrances and shelves to ensure the safety and security of the staff and customers. The stores previously used an analogue audio system in which in-store PCs were used to stream music. This system was hard to set up and resulted in instability. Therefore the client wanted to develop their existing audio system with IP without having to install a complete whole new audio system.

Customer Requirements:

Having already had Axis network cameras in its stores, Kjell & Company decided to go with the cost effective and flexible solution and install Axis Audio Bridges to develop their existing audio system with IP, without having to install a complete whole new audio system.

This would enable them to benefit from the advantages of an IP solution such as improved sound quality, remote access, control capabilities, central maintenance, configuration and easy management.  It was also  important to Kjell & Company that the hardware was not locked to a specific music provider and it could be integrated with existing IT systems.Kjell and company store - Axis network audio system installed

The Solution:

Kjell & Company wanted to use music to make a more uniform environment and feel in their stores. So they installed the AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge, which made it possible to control the audio and schedule playlists as well as in-store announcements, all while retaining the existing analogue audio system. A central server streams music to the network audio bridge in each store. The network audio bridge then sends the music out to the analogue speakers. In some stores, however the audio systems also include some Axis network connected speakers.

Kjell & Company also installed Axis Device Manager which enables a simple and cost effective secure management of all devices. This helps the operators with the improvement of cybersecurity and the management of accounts/passwords.
The new audio solution has helped to create a great environment within the stores, has helped strengthen the brand and has improved customer experience and increased sales.

Axis Audio-over-IP installed in Kjell &Company storesProduct:

- AXIS Analog-to-Network Audio Bridge
- AXIS All-in-one Network Cabinet Speaker (Black)
- AXIS All-in-one Network Cabinet Speaker (White)
- AXIS Audio Manager Server

The benefits of a networked audio system:

  • Flexible:  Seamless integration into existing networks including legacy analog wiring
  • Maintenance:  Lower installation, implementation and maintenance costs
  • Scalable:  to multiple intercoms and paging stations – locally, multi-site or regionally
  • Simplicity:  remote control and simple end-point expansion in intercom systems
  • Control:  Software based zone management in paging systems

Project System Architecture:

Axis project system architecture

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Products used in this project

Axis Communications - C1004-EW All-in-one Network Audio Cabinet Speaker - white
view product
Axis Communications - C1004-EB All-in-one Network Audio Cabinet Speaker - black
view product
Axis Communications - C7050 Axis Audio Manager Server
view product
Axis Communications - C8033 Analog-to-Network Audio Bridge
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