Clockaudio reveals CUI-2 Microphone to USB interface for Zoom

27th November 2020

The Clockaudio CUI-2 Interface allows any professional microphone to be connected to your PC via USB, for professional sound performance for Zoom & Teams meetings, virtual conferences and webinars.

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Clockaudio has revealed their brand new CUI-2 Microphone to USB Preamp Interface allowing their full range of professional boundary and gooseneck microphones to be connected to your PC - providing professional audio results in virtual meetings, presentations and webinars via Zoom or Teams for example.

Clockaudio CUI-2 Microphone to USB interface

In times of lockdown and in this new era of working from home becoming the new normal for many office workers, virtual meetings, video conferencing and webinars have become a part of every day life for many of us.

Clockaudio CUI-2 Microphone to USB Converter connects to PCEnsuring high quality audio is a vital part of portraying a professional impression to your customers, colleagues or audience and, therefore, the right microphone choice can make all the difference. However, with the majority of working-from-home set-ups being the user's PC, the choice of off-the-shelf USB microphones is quite limited.

In order to extend your choice of best microphone options, Clockaudio has developed their new CUI-2 Microphone-to-USB Preamp Interface - allowing you to easily connect the majority of Clockaudio's range of professional gooseneck, boundary and suspended microphones to your PC or laptop.

Whether it's a simple directional boundary microphone or gooseneck for you workdesk, or an advanced dual-element boundary microphone for multiple users sat around the conference table; the Clockaudio CUI-2 Microphone-to-USB Interface will allow easy connectivity of professional grade microphones to maintain the highest degree of sound integrity and control of additional microphone features such as touch switches, LED status indicators, etc.


  • Virtual Meetings such as Zoom or Teams
  • Webinars and online training
  • Conference calls

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Clockaudio CUI-2 USB Microphone Interface connections

How to connect a microphone to your PC - Clockaudio CUI-2

Clockaudio CUI-2 Microphone to USB Interface connections


CUI-2 features:

  • Easy to install with under table mounting
  • USB Stereo Microphone Preamp Interface
  • USB Bus Powered, 24-bit/48kHz, Plug-and-Play driverless with PC and MAC & others
  • Low Noise Design, Optimized for Clockaudio Microphones
  • 10-50dB Gain Control
  • 48V Phantom Power or Optional 12V External Supply
  • Touch Switch Port For use with Clockaudio Capacitive Touch Switches
  • RGB Color Selection for Mute and Unmute / LED Brightness Control
  • Latching Mute and Push to Mute Modes
  • VU Metering for Microphone Gain Setup via TS buttons
  • Demo Mode Plays Audio Test Tone to USB Input and RGB Color Show
  • Compact Aluminum Enclosure with Flange Mounts / Mounts Under Desk or Table with Two Screws / Tamper Resistant Front Cover Included


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The Clockaudio CS1S-RF single Element Boundary Layer Microphone with Bi-Colour LED Switch (seen above) is ideal for single user desktop use connected to your PC or laptop via the CUI-2 USB interface. 


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