The NEW 2N Indoor Talk Door Intercom

31st August 2018

CIE reveals new 2N Indoor Talk residential audio-only answering unit.

The new Indoor Talk is the first audio-only touchscreen intercom from 2N, providing a stylish, user-friendly intercom answering device for residential applications.

Available in black or white, the 2N Indoor Talk is both practical and stylish in design. The appearance of the 2N Indoor Talk will suit any home or flat with its glass surface and backlit illumination of its symbols/buttons.

The 2N Indoor Talk has the highest quality audio components to accomplish HD quality sound. This means you can talk to guests outside as though they were standing right next to you. You can invite them in by pressing the symbol to open the door, all from the comfort of the home.

The stylish and elegant Indoor Talk interface allows 2-way communication with IP door intercom systems, VoIP telephones/videophone, or other Indoor Talk devices on the same network, simply at the touch of a  button.

The 2N Indoor Talk is intended for interior use only (normally wall-mounted internally at strategic door positions) and is ideal for integration as part os a 2N IP Helios Vario or Verso Door Entry system.

Ideal for use in apartment complexes, home automation systems, modern interiors, large villas and high specification office environments.

Available now from 2N distributor - CIE


white 2n indoor talkMain features of the 2N Indoor Talk:

  • Luxury design & materials
  • Available in both black & white
  • HD quality sound with high volume
  • Door bell button support
  • Precision installation box
  • Parental lock
  • Concierge call
  • Do not disturb mode


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