Using network audio for retail marketing

Using network audio (also known as audio-over-IP or AoIP) for in-store retail marketing can add great value to a retail environment.

The latest 'network audio' systems provide an all-in-one solution which can be transmitted over a standard Ethernet network infrastructure.

Network audio in retailThere are many benefits of network audio in the  retail environment, such as:

• Lower total cost of ownership and higher flexibility
• Easy to manage
• Scalable and flexible

We take a look at the benefits of network audio (or 'audio-over-IP') technology for in-store retail marketing and customer communication.

Ceiling SpeakerTotal costs of integrating a network audio system

Network audio systems can provide a much lower total cost of ownership and more flexibility in comparison to conventional analogue systems. Retailers no longer need to manage separate audio systems for background music, announcements etc; this is something that with analogue systems can be more complex, expensive and more difficult to use / manage

In an AoIP network audio system, each end-point (IP loudspeaker) can be a complete system in itself. This means one unit or system can be used for a wide variety audio applications in the retail environment - such as background music, audio marketing & store promotions, customer & staff announcements, etc.

Having inbuilt MP3 and streaming support means retailers can play content either locally or online. Having inbuilt scheduling for the content has the benefit of automatically starting/stopping so important announcements will be played at the right time and are not missed.

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Audio-over-IP systems are easy to manage

ceiling speaker in retail environmentAs the sound system is connected to standard Ethernet infrastructure, audio networking makes it easy to monitor and control the entire system remotely. This then reduces the need for onsite service technicians, saving time and cost. Furthermore, if there is a system error, the IP capabilities allow updates to take place using a centrally-managed hub – this reduces the need for replacing and updating units individually. If a problem arises with the software or hardware the redundancy secure system prevents one disconnected device from affecting the rest of the system.

In the retail environment, integrated applications such as streaming support services and audio player applications within the IP speakers are ideal for in-store background music and audio marketing. When using the audio player application, retailers have access to music streaming services or can use a local playlist stored on memory cards on the network audio system.

Stores can also use smart zoning in AoIP systems and choose the audience for their announcements/background music. An example – if you did not want the same music in one section of a store you can choose which zone plays what music. Or if you have a message/announcement you only need to a specific area instead of the whole crowd. Smart zoning is easy and adjustable as no new cabling or devices are needed, all you need to do is change the formation to match the preferred layout.

Scalable and Flexible

Network audio systems use open API’s; this means it’s easy to integrate with other systems (such as CCTV, telephony, access control, etc) and has the flexibility to add more applications in the future. This is great for stores as it means (without difficulty), they can change the size of their store, open additional outlets or relocate and still be able to add or remove devices to meet the stores demands.

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