Is there a single HDR Video Standard? asks AV expert Ken Eagle from Atlona if there is yet a single standard for this fantastic display technology.

There are a number of different standards of HDR out there and the issue is they are all independant and not compatible with each other. So for now there is no standard HDR, but there are 2 most popular ones - HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. 

Is one better than the other?

Not necessarily, they are both good it's different ways of producing that HDR signal. You have to make sure that whatever your HDR content is you have the correct display to go along with that.

HDR10 LogoWhat is HDR 10?

HDR 10 is the industry standard for High Dynamic Range in consumer TVs. This open format technology is the first generation, considered a starting point for HDR.

HDR requires at minimum a compatible interface a HDMI 2.0a or Internet connection, for streaming and for necessary processing capabilities for the signal.

The industry standard HDR10 format is free for manufacturers to use.

Dolby Vision LogoWhat is Dolby Vision?

Dolby Vision has is key part in the development of HDR for both commercial and home cinema applications.

Dolby has the potential to improve viewing experiences by constantly changing  the way TVs deliver HDR pictures. It also gives content producers control over how their HDR programming appears on TVs. And is on its way to smartphones and tablets aswell.

It was always assumed that Dolby Vision hardware in TV screens and Ultra HD Blu-ray players had to be carried on a dedicated chip. However, it is now possible to add Dolby support via a firmware update to devices with sufficient power processors.

In comparison to HDR10, Dolby Vision requires the payment of a licence fee.

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