Explaining the latest USB Type C

HowToAV.tv takes a look at the latest versions of the USB connector - USB Type C and discusses how this fits in with the latest USB standard - USB version 3.1.

USB - which stands for 'Universal Serial Bus' - is an industry and consumer connectivity standard for transmitting both data and power signals between devices.

The mostly commonly recognised USB Connector is the 'Type A' USB which was developed for universal connectivity of computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards and data storage devices, for example.
In recent years, as devices have got smaller, the mini and micro USB connectors have become popular.

But now, the latest USB connector - the Type C - has been launched and it's set to take over from all other versions. It's small (about the same size as the Apple Lightning connector) and it's also rotatable! So finally, you won't invariably try to plug it in and find it's the wrong way up - it fits both ways!

USB Type C connector has been launched at the same time as USB Version 3.1 has been released onto the market. These aren't one in the same, however. Type C is the connector, Version 3.1 is the new super-high bandwidth standard.

Find out more about the latest USB version 3.1

CIE's HowToAV team have also put together a training videocast on the latest USB version 3.1. CLICK HERE to watch the new videocast now.

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