How to manage emergencies with audio instructions

In big events or in crowded public spaces, the addition of audio to a video system plays a big role in security and managing emergency situations.

When a crisis occurs in a public environment for example in a stadium, city street or train station - the risk caused by the emergency itself is often worsened by the risk of panic in the crowd. Panic often arises in a situation when there is a lack of information and instruction on what actions/steps to take next.

Axis Horn Speaker available at CIEHow do audio instructions help to prevent panic in an emergency?

Panic in an emergency can become a big threat as it can escalate a situation and worsen the effects of what has just taken place. Fast and prompt communication can really help in these circumstances and reduces the level of panic. By providing clear instructions this enables a faster solution e.g. faster rescue operations and efficient access to the scene for the emergency services. It also helps to direct the crowds to the designated emergency areas and reunites friends and family.

After initial panic of a situation, people need reassurance that the area is once again safe - using public announcement once again to deliver this message is crucial.

What speakers are best for emergency public announcements?

To prevent panic in an emergency the use of horn speakers for public announcements would be most helpful as they provide a way to give directions and instructions to the crowd. Horn speakers are the best solution as they are outdoor loudspeakers that provide clear, long-range speech for remote speaking in public address, they also work well alongside video surveillance applications.

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