How to convert Digital Audio to Analogue explains how to convert digital audio to analogue using the DAC or Digital to Analogue Converter

Connecting digital audio sources to an analogue audio system

There is now an increaing number of consumer and professional AV source devices appearing on the market featuring a digital audio output only – i.e. products which don’t feature a conventional analogue audio output such as 3.5mm jack or stereo phono connectors. 

These digital media devices; particularly consumer devices such as Apple TV, XBox One and the SkyBox HD Multiscreen – are limited to Digital Optical or Digital Coax audio outputs and, therefore, cannot be directly connected to a conventional analogue audio system such as a hifi or sound reinforcement system. This can cause integration difficulties for both residential and commercial AV systems.


Improving the quality of sound

In home AV, the sound quality of modern televisions continues to downgrade as smaller and smaller loudspeakers are squeezed into flatter, thinner TVs.

A simple solution for improved sound quality is to output the sound from your Apple TV or games console using your standard home hifi system. And this is where the ‘DAC’ or digital to analogue converter is used.

As many home hifis and amplifiers don’t feature a digital audio input, a DAC device will input the digital audio signal from your source device and convert it to analogue– usually via dual phonos – which can then be connected to your conventional analogue audio system.

The DAC is a simple solution to be able to integrate digital and analogue AV devices. free audio visual training channelGot a question for the HowToAV team?.. provides a whole host of tips, tricks and technology know-how for the professional and residential AV sectors.
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