How to bundle cables for HDBaseT installation

HowToAV talks to HDBaseT Training Expert Ariel Marcus about the best tips for cable installation and bundling for HDBaseT installations.

What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT is the "de facto standard" in professional AV signal distribution, allowing multiple signals to be simultaneously transmitted over standard Cat cable. It offers a feature set called 5Play, increased distance and better performance than other solutions.

hdbaset logoThe 5Play feature offers: 

  • Ultra-HD video and audio
  • Ethernet
  • Up to 100W of power
  • Control and USB

The AV signal most commonly fed to an HDBaseT system is HDMI, however converters on the front end of an HDBaseT transmitter lend it to be used in almost any professional/residential AV application.

How do you bundle cables for HDBaseT installation?

The best advice for cable bundling on a multi-cable HDBaseT system is to ensure that for the first 20 metres from the HDBaseT Transmission device (TX Balun, Matrix, Splitter, etc) that the cables are kept as loose as possible - don't tighten them all together with cable ties etc, to avoid signal interoperability and damage to the cables.

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